Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tyrannical Judge Demolishes Student Privacy In Ohio

A federal judge in Ohio recently ruled to allow an unnamed transgender student  unrestrained access to girl's locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms. The judge did not provide any reason for the decision, and admittedly ruled based on his personal opinion of the case, rather than the law in question.

The only thing almost resembling a legal justification for this tyrannical decision is the lawless Obama administration's "guidance" on transgender students who attend public schools, which is based on a nonsensical interpretation of Title IX, which forbids educational discrimination based on sex. The Education Department claimed that the term "sex" includes "gender identity", but that is obviously not true. Sadly, a law (Title IX) which was passed to protect girls' sports and activities is now being used to destroy them, as biological females cannot fairly compete with biological males, no matter what bodily mutilation they undergo.

From the Daily Caller:
"Judge Algenon Marbley, a Bill Clinton appointee, also said that Highland Local School District must treat the boy as a girl in all other aspects, using his chosen female name and referring to him with female pronouns at all times, reports The Blade, in Toledo, O.H.
Highland sued the federal government in June after the Obama administration ordered it to allow the boy, identified only as “Jane Doe” in court documents, to use a girls’ bathroom, or else risk the loss of more than $1 million in federal funding. The order stems from a May decree by the Departments of Education and Justice holding that the federal Title IX law requires all public schools to let students use a bathroom that matches their chosen gender identity. 
Doe, meanwhile, has been pursuing a civil rights complaint against Highland since late 2013. Besides ordering Highland to let Doe use whatever bathroom he wants, the federal government also told the school district that it needs to hire a gender-identity consultant who can train staff members to be properly sensitive on issues of gender identity."

Sunday, September 25, 2016

JEB Stuart High School's Incoherent Gun Control Propaganda Screed

JEB Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia operates an online, allegedly student-run, newspaper entitled The Raider's Digest, in reference to the school's mascot. While ResistanceMedia exposed last month the completely unethical and extremely sloppy journalism of the West Potomac Wire, the Raider's Digest is even worse.

Apparently, there are absolutely no journalistic standards at the Raider's Digest. While the FCPS establishment attempted to jam through a policy which would expel students who criticize the transgender agenda, they neglect, or refuse, to exercise even the most basic editorial control over their own publication. A substantial number of the articles that appear in the Raider's Digest website would earn a failing grade if they were submitted as a fifth-grade persuasive essay. That assessment may seem harsh, but you will see what I mean once you read what the Digest publishes.

I make typos and grammar mistakes from time to time, but they are nothing like what is published by the Digest, which is a much better indictment of FCPS English education than anything ResistanceMedia could post.

On February 18, 2016, the Digest published an article written by Ashley Sanchez, a JEB Stuart student.

The article is entitled "Gun Control in the US", but it is not exactly clear what news story it is related to. It is obviously biased towards an anti-Second Amendment point of view, but it is posted in the "News" section of the Digest, rather than the "Editorial" section.

I have decided to simply post the article, in its entirety, and let it speak for itself. The original post is at this link.
   "Gun control has been a largely controversial issue for the past few years. Many people have been victims of public gun shooting. For example, the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school and the shooting of San Bernardino. (fragment) President Obama has brought up the issue but not much has been done.
    Sandy Hook was an event that prompted discussion of increased gun control. President Barack Obama made an emotional speech about this event. He made a call for a “sense of urgency” to limit gun violence. “Everytime i think about those kids, it gets me mad” said Barack Obama, he added “and by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day”, referring back to his hometown. (run-on sentence) People in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecution. The FBI is hiring more than 230 examiners to help process these background checks. People with mental illness would get the help they need. the Administration is proposing a new $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care.
    “If we can set it up so you can’t unlock your iPhone unless you got the right fingerprint, why can’t we do the same thing with our guns?” said Obama when discussing the issue. He believes making guns harder to get is a better solution. 
    They are making better technology to be able to use the gun such as an armband that enables use of the gun, if you do not have the armband on then it will not activate. (extremely sloppy sentence) There are many more ideas that may work, but the government is still doing research. Gun violence has been a very big issue because many students in college, high school and even elementary school students are at risk. Everyday people are at risk of gun shooting.
Readers must remember that this is a HIGH SCHOOL newspaper. This is the product of a FCPS education. In reality, the actual quality of FCPS writing education is most likely much lower than what is evidenced in this article.

In addition to the deplorable grammar, this article is inaccurate in several respects. In the last two paragraphs, the author discusses "smart gun" technology - at least that's what it appears to be about. The author mentions zero drawbacks to "smart gun" technology, while in reality, "smart guns" have many serious issues, and the technology will not be fully developed for many years.

This is simply unethical journalism. Journalism is not advertising. Anyone who writes for a news publication that claims to be balanced must mention both sides of an issue. But, since the public school establishment does not care about ethics - Ryan McElveen and many of his colleagues even voted against a "strategic plan" that stated that FCPS graduates should be "ethical."

ResistanceMedia was created as a reaction to this kind of media bias. For many years, local and national media has served as a propaganda outlet for public schools. Even when they do cover a scandal related to schools, they generally uncritically disseminate the school district's response, which usually blames the scandal on one or a few rogue employees.

On the contrary, ResistanceMedia.org serves as a true check on the exercise of power, which is what the media is supposed to be. 

There are also several other good news outlets that I recommend following, including:


Concerned Parents and Educators 

Fairfax Free Citizen

Several great Twitter pages including (1), (2), and (3)

The resistance against school tyranny starts with informing the public. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Victory In Prince William County as Board Votes to Indefinitely Delay Transgender Policy

After an epic school board meeting in Manassas, Virginia, that included over 100 citizen speakers who flooded the school board to express opposition, the Prince William County School Board voted 5-1, with chairman Ryan Sawyers as the only no vote, to postpone a vote on proposed changes to the non-discrimination policy. The changes, as several speakers pointed out, could lead to the creation of "speech codes", as well as the suspension or expulsion of students who use the wrong "pronoun" for other students or teachers. Please understand that the word "pronoun" does not simply include "he" or "she". It includes a litany of invented terms ranging from "xir" to "ze".

The conservative Brentsville district, which includes large portions of western and southwestern Prince William County, was completely disenfranchised during the meeting. The Brentsville school board representative was called to active duty in the Navy in July 2016, and chair Ryan Sawyers failed to appoint a replacement member to represent Brentsville.
That travesty resulted in dozens of Brentsville residents showing up to speak, most of them pointing out the complete injustice of holding a vote without representation of the Brentsville District.

If the victims were not overwhelmingly white conservatives, liberals would refer to this as "voter suppression." But as one 10-year-old boy who spoke at the meeting pointed out, liberals' concern for "equal rights" and "safe-spaces" only applies to minorities who liberals such as Ryan Sawyers can use for political gain.

Some voters are more equal than others.

But, probably more concerned about the political and legal consequences than the moral ethics of this policy or the danger posed to young children, the board ended up voting 5-1 to basically kill this policy, as Fairfax has practically no chance in the conservative-leaning Virginia Supreme Court. By the way, if Brentsville had been represented properly, it would have been 6-1.

This was a result of the massive pressure placed on the school board by hundreds of citizens who showed up at the meeting, like the 15-year-old Nokesville resident who gathered 2,000 signatures in opposition to the nondiscrimination change, or the 10-year-old who explained that school bullying is a real problem, but most victims are straight, white, and male, and more policies will do nothing to prevent it.

From ResistanceMedia and all of my readers:

THANK YOU, Prince William citizens for doing your duty and forcing your representatives to represent YOU!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

LIVE UPDATES: Prince William County School Board Votes On Transgender Policy

The Prince William County School Board held a meeting regarding a gender-identity regulation that is similar to Fairfax's policy. ResistanceMedia has been live-blogging the event since the beginning. This is my live commentary. Please read it. Thanks! 

7:23 PM: Prince William County School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers has just kicked off the Prince William School Board meeting. Sawyers mentioned "auxiliary rooms" where additional spectators are being seated. You don't see this at the average school board meeting!

7:25 PM: Ryan Sawyers is getting ROASTED by Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who is stating that the policy is " beyond arbitrary and capricious", and is hammering him for "intentionally depriving Brentsville Citizens of their voice." This is in response to the Board's decision to move forward with the vote, even without a representative from the conservative Brentsville District. He also (accurately) stated that "speech codes" would be created to censor student and staff speech, as has been attempted in Fairfax County. 

7:33 PM: A Prince William student just played the "hate card", accusing all opponents of his worldview of being "haters." Interesting, while he claimed he would be speaking about "science", he also stated that gender was "assigned at birth." No serious scientist believes that nonsense. Except for a few dozen cases where there are serious genetic mutations, an individual either has XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes. Anyone whose "identity" does match their biology needs help, support, and respect, but not the ability to invade the spaces of other genders 

7:36 PM: The pro-transgender speaker, who appears to be a parent, is claiming that the policy change will result in "safer schools." What about the safety of the 99.7% of students whose privacy is being demolished in the name of the "identity" of 0.3% (or even less) students? Do they matter? 

7:37 PM: OK. I knew this would happen. A pro-transgender PWCS speaker just claimed that she "has been through the segregation era" and overtly compares reasonable measures to prevent student's privacy. 

7:42 PM: A student, who identifies as a "proud Latino and gay man" is basically just stating that anyone who opposes his agenda wants kids to commit suicide. How low can you go? We'll find out. 

7:45 PM: The current speaker has just exposed the real goals of this policy -- to censor students speech. She (or he) basically just said that this policy would protect students from conservative "rhetoric" (read: stating facts about gender and biology.) 

7:47 PM: A 16-year-old Nokesville resident (part of the Brentsville district which is not being represented) has given an amazing speech explaining the dangers this policy poses to girls and women. This is probably the BEST speech of all of them. ResistanceMedia will upload this speech to YouTube as soon as possible. 
"In America, we do not write laws to privilege a minority, especially when it will infringe on the right of the majority, especially the right to safety."
7:51 PM: This is the second speech from a girl who has totally demolished Ryan Sawyer's corrupt agenda. This is not about protecting students. It is about a political agenda. This is from her speech, we will make an EPIC video with this: 
"Truth is not determined by democratic vote. The truth is the truth whether you like it or not.  A person with XX chromosomes will always be female, a person with XY chromosomes will always be male. Whether you like it or not!"
7:56 PM: A resident of Haymarket in Prince William County just called Ryan Sawyers' school board a "three ring circus." 

8:00 PM: The speaker asked all audience members who oppose the policy change to stand up. About 90% of the audience stood up. Why is the school board jamming through this policy while the public is so opposed to them?

8:01 PM: A kid, who looks 13 or 14 years old, sarcastically claims that he "identifies as a king" and demands that he be addressed as such. Also, he dramatically presented 2,000 signatures, pointing out that there are not 2,000 residents in the town of Nokesville, and that "speaking of Nokesville... Nokesville has not been adequately represented!" 

8:07 PM: A supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, which is a homosexual lobbying group, compared this policy issue to "Rosa Parks, school segregation, and Brown vs Topeka Board of Education." I will have to post the video, this is extremely dishonest intellectually, and the most pathetic argument I have ever heard from a pro-LGBT activist, EVER! Note: this is the THIRD speaker in favor of the policy change to play the Race Card. 

8:14 PM: A 10-year-old girl demolished the policy, in 30 seconds, and less than 20 words. This issue is really very simple. Every young child knows: A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. PERIOD. 

8:24 PM: The PWCS Teacher of the Year just identified as "pansexual" in front of the school board. This is a school board meeting and is not the place for you to talk about your sexual preferences!

8:27 PM: The said "teacher of the year" stated that this policy is a "matter of life and death." Of course, this rhetoric completely contradicts the fact that there have never been any reported cases of bullying or discrimination in Prince William County based on sexual orientation or gender identity. 

8:31 PM: This is something to note. While the LGBT advocates in the room claim that opposition to this policy is fueled by hate, out of of approximately 20 speakers expressing opposition to this policy, I have heard approximately 20 speakers, and all of them have been reasonable, logical, and not hateful towards anyone. 

8:35 PM: A speaker has just exposed that the new policy would require students to engage in "forced speech", i.e. compelling individuals to affirm "progressive sexual ethics" by calling others by the "pronouns" they prefer. Please note that "pronouns" do not just include "he" or "she", they also include invented terms such as "xe", "ze", "xir", and "zir." 

8:40 PM: The head of a civil rights law firm just basically threatened PWCS with legal action if they continue with this policy. We need these kinds of school board speakers in Fairfax!

8:48 PM: The current speaker is now arguing for active promotion of the LGBT agenda through school curriculum. This is totally unacceptable. 

8:51 PM: A pro-LGBT speaker is now reading some student's letter blaming the evil conservative bigots for his failing grades in Algebra 1. Seriously. 

8:55 PM: A local speaker is using her time to complain about the Confederate flag and KKK, and is calling for a ban on all students wearing the Confederate flag at school, despite their 1st Amendment rights to free speech. Her justification is that the flag was used by racist groups historically. But it has also been used by non-racists, such as those who are interested in history. 

9:05 PM: A citizen has presented his own petition, with 1,064 signatures of individuals who oppose this policy. In addition to the two other petitions previously presented, we are now up to 3,500 signatures that oppose this destructive move. I wonder how many signatures the proponents have gathered?

9:09 PM: Finally, someone has rejected the prevailing view among opponents of this disastrous policy: that we should "delay" the vote for more "consideration" of this issue. This policy is BAD and we should SAY that it is bad, rather than pretending to be open to it to avoid being called "bigots" by the radical Left. 

9:13 PM: As of now, 37 out of 43 speakers have expressed opposition to this policy. That is 86 percent of all speakers. I think that's called a supermajority.

9:16 PM: The current speaker is claiming that the Constitution requires the change to transgender policy, and is comparing opposition to this policy to support for Japanese internment, slavery and segregation. This is the either the fourth or fifth (I can't keep track) race-based argument made by the leftist speakers. Over half (5 out of 8.)

9:17 PM: Ryan Sawyers, the Prince William School Board chairman just now stated that "everyone has the right to speak freely." But what about PWCS students who, if this policy is passed, will be forced to, as one of the speakers have pointed out, "acknowledge progressive sexual ethics?" Do they have the right to speak freely? 

9:27 PM: An 8th grade girl from Nokesville, in southwestern Prince William County, is speaking on how the transgender agenda is contrary to natural law. She is totally right as to how bullying is a serious issue across public schools in America, presenting several anecdotes of horrible school bullying, and explaining that the victims were all straight, white, non-transgender students. Bullying is a serious issue, and most bullying has nothing to do with gender identity or sexual orientation. 

9:38 PM: Another parent is stating the true goal of this agenda -- a change in the curriculum. According to him, "classrooms will be used to inculcate" the progressive social agenda. This is has occurred in Fairfax County with the change to the Family Life Education (sex-ed) curriculum.

9:44 PM: A junior at Patriot High School has expressed her fear that the policy could result in suspension or expulsion from school for failure to use the proper transgender pronoun, such as "xe", "xir", or "hir". Again, this will occur in Fairfax County, and was reported by Breitbart in June 2016. 

10:00 PM: A Muslim imam from a local mosque spoke against this policy, proving that this is not just the evil conservative bigots who oppose "social transformation without representation." It is everyone who cares about their childrens' safety.

10:06 PM: School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers just introduced the 61st speaker. Wow!

10:13 PM:  The school board has taken a 5-minute recess from business. Speeches will resume at 10:18 PM. 

10:21 PM: Speeches have resumed. 

10:25 PM: A speaker who has survived sexual abuse lent her perspective on the issue, stating that if a man came in her restroom, she would experience fear and anxiety. She needs diversity education to treat her transphobia!

As of now, it is 10:30 PM. Since ResistanceMedia is largely run by local students, and this is a school night, I must end the live commentary here. 

ResistanceMedia.org will release another article about this issue tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Watch Public School Teachers ADMIT to Pushing the LGBT Agenda in Class

In this video, from a movie used to train teachers to be "sensitive to LGBT issues", teachers are instructed to "educate" students to support the LGBT agenda. 

It's only 45 seconds. Please watch this video to see an astonishing level of elitism and disregard for parents among the individuals to whom many readers entrust their children during most weekdays.