The Truth About Mass Immigration

Liberal politicians and media figures will tell you that "diversity is strength" and "America is a nation of immigrants" in defense of their policies. They will tell you that immigration will make communities more "vibrant" and "diverse." But are these platitudes really true? Just look at one area of the country, which took waves of unassimilated immigrants from nations across the world. When you are finished reading, decide for yourself if massive immigration without meaningful checks or assimilation is really a policy that benefits our nation and its citizens.

The recent wave of unassimilated immigration from the Third World is taking a large toll on Northern Virginia, especially areas closer to Washington DC, such as Woodbridge, VA, eastern and northeastern Fairfax County, and the cities of Arlington and Alexandria.

First, some background on the issue of mass immigration.-

Until 1965, the vast majority of immigration was from Europe, a contin…

Media, SPLC Attack Indiana Student For "Straight Pride" Fliers

Washington Times:
An Indiana high school student is speaking out after the “Straight Pride” fliers the 16-year-old posted on campus were poorly received.The student at Jasper High School sent a letter Tuesday to the Dubois County Herald, which declined to identify the student, after the “Straight Pride” fliers were reportedly misinterpreted as anti-LGBT.“Celebrate being straight at JHS by not annoying the heck out of everyone about your sexual orientation!” the fliers read, reported. “Brought to you by all the students that are sick of hearing about your LGBT pride. Nobody cares about what you think you are. If you want equality, stop shoving your ideas down our throats! We have nothing against your sexual orientation. We just don’t care!”The fliers, which were posted on campus without permission after classes March 2, were taken down before students arrived at school the next day. Dozens of students responded Sunday evening by decorating the sidewalks outside the school’s …

West Potomac High School Administrators Spend $12K on Trips Together

A new report by FOX 5 News revealed that the principal and assistant principal of West Potomac High School spent almost $12,000 of taxpayer money on out-of-state trips during their tenure at the school:

Travel records show that Case and Lyttle got approval for three out-of-state trips since July – with total costs for those trips adding up to more than $11,500 for the district.There was a trip to Orlando in July for an education conference that Case and Lyttle attended with several other district employees.Then in September, the pair went to Las Vegas for a school theater conference with one other district employee. Hotels costs for three nights at the Tropicana were almost $900 per person.Case and Lyttle were set to make another trip in February to Phoenix for a conference. The assistant superintendent approved more than $2,500 in travel expenses for each of them. Case and Lyttle were put on leave before they could go.
This February, Principal Alexander Case and Assistant Principal Mi…

LEAKED: Ryan McElveen Gave Political Speech At Northern Virginia Scholastic Awards Ceremony

On February 22, 2017, an awards ceremony was held to honor Fairfax County Public Schools students who had created art worthy of recognition. The speaker at the awards ceremony was county school board member Ryan McElveen, who has been known, among other things, for allowing himself to be incorrectly credited for canceling school and attempting to expel students for criticizing the transgender agenda.

According to an anonymous source, McElveen gave a political speech at the ceremony, assailing President Trump's policies and lamenting the Fairfax electorate's defeat of a proposal to tax prepared food.

This is the source's comment in its entirety.

I attended the 2017 Regional Scholastic Arts Awards last night at NVCC (Annandale). Ryan McElveen gave a brief speech at this event. I found it extremely inappropriate at such an event, intended to honor and recognize the artistic accomplishments of students, that Ryan took this opportunity to lecture the audience on how the Trump a…

Fairfax County Transgender Case Goes To Supreme Court

Via Liberty Counsel: RICHMOND, VA – Tomorrow, Liberty Counsel argues before the Virginia Supreme Court in Lafferty v. Fairfax, the challenge to the Fairfax County School Board regarding its illegal policy in which the board added “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to its policy and student handbook.  Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman, Mat Staver, will represent Jake Doe, a minor, John and Jane, the parents, and Andrea Lafferty. This is one of several cases around the country. Last week, President Trump revoked the illegal directive from the Obama administration that sought to impose on all public schools the LGBT agenda under Title IX. In addition, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled last week that the City of Fayetteville could not add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to its local ordinance when state law did not include those categories.  Virginia follows the “Dillon Rule,” which requires local nondiscrimination laws to not be more stringent …

Northern Virginia High School Plans "Trayvon Day" As Part Of Black History Spirit Week

The Black Student Union (BSU) at Oakton High School in Oakton, Virginia, part of the Fairfax County Public School district has organized a "black history spirit week," to run from February 21-24, 2017.

In a Twitter post made February 18, the BSU announced the event, to include days such as "Afrocentric day," "Black-out day," and of course, "Trayvon Martin Day."
Last week of black history month is among us, and here are the spirit days we planned✔️come out and show your support! — Oakton BSU (@oakton_bsu) February 18, 2017 The Black Student Union informed ResistanceMedia that the event was not formally sponsored by the administration, but that's not saying much.

According to several BSU members, the school administration tried to walk back their support of Trayvon Day due to criticism from "white boys," but the event is going on regardless, with the tacit support of the majority of the fa…

SOURCES: Political Chaos at Patriot High School as Administration Forces "Diversity" Down Students' Throats

Numerous sources, who would like to remain anonymous have informed ResistanceMedia that Patriot High School in Nokesville, VA (at the western end of Prince William County) has become the epicenter of a political conflict. On one side, according to our sources, are the majority of the faculty and a handful of vocal leftist students. On the other side are a group of conservatives who mainly want politics kept out of the classroom. The majority of the students are apathetic or in the middle.

The conflict is about a hallway near the school library - ironically named after former President Ronald Reagan - which the "International Club", with cooperation from certain school employees, has plastered with large posters proclaiming the school's "diversity." They read, "As one, we are [insert identity here.]" One of the posters allegedly contains the Black Power symbol, a raised black fist, which has been linked to communist and black supremacist organizations.