Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Supporter Attacked On NC School Bus In Shocking Hate Crime

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump was attacked on a school bus in Southern Pines, North Carolina, according to a new report by 15-year-old Patrick Daly, a 9th grade student at Pinecrest High School, who is white, was repeatedly punched by two black students for supporting Donald Trump. According to his parents, race was a factor in the assault in addition to politics.

The Moore County Police Department has filed assault charges against one of the perpetrators, Anthony Martin, and Daly filed an impact statement with the court, explaining how the thugs used a portable speaker and smartphone to play the obscene rap song "F*** Donald Trump." According to Daly, the song was played every day for three weeks during the ride home from school. The bus driver did absolutely nothing about this, even though the song contained over 50 racial slurs and obscenities and multiple references to violence against Trump and his supporters.

Here is Daly's full statement:

“On November 10th, I was riding my assigned bus home from school when two black students (fellow 9th grader Anthony Martin and a 10th or 11th grader named David) blasted the rap song ‘F*** Donald Trump’ from a portable speaker connected to a phone. They played that trash as loud as they could play it on bus #181 for three weeks, over and over. I was sick of it, but they just kept cranking it out like it was their new national anthem.
After I expressed support for Trump, Anthony — an unusually muscular member of the football team wearing his hair in dreadlocks — turned on me, taunted ‘Say Trump again!,’ and threatened, ‘Say Trump again and I’ll punch you!’ When I said ‘Trump,’ Anthony leapt over a bus seat and struck me multiple times with his fist. All I said was ‘Trump’ and boom, he full on lost it and began punching me in front of more than a dozen witnesses.
After Anthony threatened me with violence (because of my race and political views) and completed his assault, David placed the speaker on which he had been playing ‘F*** Donald Trump’ in front of me and played the rap recording repeatedly, after which he screamed in my face, ‘Now do you understand?!’”

This political and potentially racial hate crime was completely ignored by the mainstream media. Why? Because, like the Chicago kidnapping last week, it does not fit their narrative. In the world of the mainstream media as well as propaganda organizations like the $outhern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), Trump supporters are violent, bigoted monsters.

The establishment media is willing to ignore or falsify evidence in support of their narrative. For example, they unquestioningly report every accusation of a so-called "hate crime" committed in "the name of Trump." However, many of these "hate crimes" are proving to be false flag attacks committed by anti-Trump leftists. Others never happened at all.

Further, the $PLC deliberately omitted two thousand anti-White or anti-Trump school bullying incidents from their hit piece claiming Trump was causing a wave of "hate crimes" across the country.

But the response - or lack thereof - from the media is not shocking. What is surprising - showing the double standard from the educational elite - is that Anthony Martin, one of the perpetrators, is still on the football team and has several pages on the internet devoted to him and his achievements.

Imagine the reverse. If two White Trump supporters had teamed up and assaulted a Black person for stating support for Hillary, it would be on the front page of most local newspapers as well as covered by the national media. They would be expelled and charged with hate crimes. All of their scholastic achievements would be erased. But again, since it does not fit the dominant establishment narrative, the response is far different.

There is no data showing that Anthony Martin was punished by the school - and the fact that he was allowed to remain on the football team shows that the administration of the school really doesn't care about what he did.

Anthony Martin must be expelled from school. Again, if the situation was reversed, that would surely be the penalty.

Situations like these highlight the hostile environment facing conservatives in the public school system. Not only do they have to combat the often violent Left, but also an educational establishment which is generally heavily biased against them and enforces school policies with a double standard. ResistanceMedia highly recommends homeschooling if at all possible.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

6th Grade Teacher Admits To Brainwashing Students Against Pledge of Allegiance

A sixth grade teacher indoctrinated xyr students against the Pledge of Allegiance, according to a liberal blogger who painted the indoctrination in a positive light. Warren Blumenfeld, a far-left writer, published an article recently in the pro-homosexual blog LGBTQ Nation, which made numerous ridiculous claims about President-Elect Trump. As part of this article, the subject of which was the contrived "controversy" over whether or not to display President Trump's portrait in schools, Blumenfeld interviewed several so-called "educators" about their views on the "issue."

One of them, a sixth grade teacher at a  "high poverty" school, admitted to teaching a lesson about quarterback Colin Kapernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Apparently that lesson was more propaganda than an accurate portrayal of the issue, as she managed to convince "most" of the students to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

One teacher related this to the controversy regarding whether to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, saying, “[M]y 6th graders were all standing up for and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance without knowing why. Then we did a lesson using [San Francisco 49ers quarterback] Colin Kapernick’s defiance in the face of the national anthem, and after making up their own minds, most of them (I work in a high poverty school where I’m the only white face in the room) chose to sit through it. (This also gave me the power to not have to stand up myself as an example, allowing me to exercise my objections for religious reasons).”
Unfortunately, anti-American propagandists such as this individual are common in "our" school system. According to an anonymous source, a Fairfax, VA Spanish teacher regularly talks to students, eats, and walks around while the Pledge is being read over the announcements. Only one quarter of the class even stands for the Pledge.


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Friday, January 6, 2017

'LGBTQ Nation' Columnist: Displaying President Trump's Portrait Is Hate Speech, 'Triggering'

In an article written for the "LGBTQ Nation", a pro-homosexual blog, writer Warren Blumenfeld (an anti-Christian bigot, Cultural Marxist, and supporter of terrorist Bill Ayers) claimed that schools displaying a portrait of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, even along with other presidents, could be "hate speech."

Blumenfeld quoted students as well as "educators" on the "controversy" about whether or not to display President Trump's portrait in school. However, despite Blumenfeld having painted it as a raging debate, there are no other articles - anywhere - about this topic. This appears to be a non-issue that the Social Justice Warriors at the LGBTQ Nation are trumping up (no pun intended) to obtain clicks and shares for their website.

According to Blumenfeld, a school counselor stated that having a picture of Trump in a classroom was like "running a swastika up the flagpole." But the fact that "ze" would say this says less about Trump and more about the people our schools are hiring as counselors.

Further, Blumenfeld repeated sob stories about alleged bullying caused by Trump's victory, citing a discredited report by the $outhern Poverty Law Center,  and even blamed Trump for an eighth-grade student's alleged suicide attempt. Blaming enemies, political or personal, for alleged suicidal ideation in children is a common tactic for dishonest propagandists in the media and elsewhere in life. 

“My kids are quite savvy, and follow politics to some degree,” the educator says. “One of our strongest members is an eighth grader who came out as gay last year. He’s very bright, well-informed, conscientious, and outspoken. He tried very hard to find commonalities with his Trump-supporting parents. He struggled more and more after the election, finally he broke down stating he’s not a gay, and now fears rejection and humiliation from the very people who’ve been supporting him. Suicidal, he was hospitalized. Donald Trump’s bullying and hateful rhetoric separated him from his parents, then himself, and then potentially from his support network.”

However, President Trump has not even spoken out against the homosexual agenda, and even made sure to use the acronym (LGBTQ) that activists demand during his RNC speech, so there is no reason that an allegedly homosexual middle school student would attempt suicide because he won. There are clearly other issues involved and to blame Trump based solely on an anonymous email is dishonest - and could be considered defamation under the law.

But the fact that a radical leftist would publish such a ridiculous, over-the-top article is not surprising. Neither is the fact that we have "educators" who believe our president's picture is equivalent to a Swastika. One person ranting on a liberal blog is not a threat to the future of our country, but individuals who indoctrinate children with propaganda under the guise of education are. We must remove political propagandists from our school systems immediately!

P.S. ResistanceMedia has evidence of anti-American brainwashing by a public school teacher. An article will be posted as soon as possible.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Orwellian School 'Harassment' Policies Threaten Freedom of Speech

One of the most common arguments in favor of school district transgender "non-discrimination" policies is that such policies prevent "bullying" and "harassment." But what is bullying and harassment? Definitions are often so broad and all-encompassing that people end up being severely penalized for "harassment" when all they did was speak their mind.

Real-life examples of how "harassment" is really an excuse for censorship are abundant.

  • In Massachusetts, a renowned urologist was fired by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center because he sent emails to hospital officials expressing concerns about the hospital's "aggressive promotion of and involvement in LGBT activities ... and its emphatic push for staff participation in them." He was informed that his opinions "constituted a violation of the hospital’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy." 
  • An Illinois school attempted to censor a student's shirt that said "Be Happy, Not Gay" because of policies about "offensive messages," as well as bullying and by extension, harassment. Thankfully, a federal court stepped in, noting that in a free society, individuals "do not have a legal right to prevent criticism of their beliefs or even their way of life."
  • Elliot Chambers, a student at a Minnesota high school, wore a "straight pride" sweatshirt to school on the school's "gay pride day." The administration attempted to censor the shirt to "promote student safety." Chambers sued and the court ruled that the school had illegitimately infringed upon his freedom of speech.
  • The Ann Arbor, Michigan school district was successfully sued by Betsy Hansen, a student, after it censored her "What Diversity Means To Me" presentation because the speech made the factual claim that the Bible prohibits homosexual relationships. Hansen was granted over $100,000 in damages by a federal judge, who slapped down the school district in a 70-page opinion. Her attorneys stated that "this case should remind school officials that public schools are not a forum for their personal political agenda."
According to the founder of Liberty Counsel, a group that litigates on the behalf of people whose religious freedom and free speech rights are violated, "anti-bullying" policies (such as the ones passed in Fairfax County and proposed in Loudoun and Prince William counties)  can - and have - lead to punishment of students for the simple statement that "homosexuality is a sin."

But members of conservative activist groups such as the Liberty Counsel are not the only people who understand the dangers to free speech that many so-called anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies pose. For example, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) is a group which is hardly on board with the resistance to the Orwellian LGBT agenda. In fact, it appears to support "the need to prevent bullying and harassment in schools, especially when the targets are young and vulnerable ... for example ... LGBTQ high school students." It also opposes parental rights when it comes to explicit school library materials, believing that laws which allow parents to decide what books are appropriate for their children are somehow "censorship."

Nonetheless, the NCAC has raised concerns about the broad nature of many educational institutions' definitions of "harassment." The group has submitted testimony to the Commission on Civil Rights and the House Committee on the Judiciary, explaining how broad definitions of "harassment" and "bullying" threaten the First Amendment right to free speech.

The NCAC has published several detailed articles on the danger of defining "harassment" and "bullying" so broadly. While this is a far-left group, they do seem to have some sense on this one issue.

If school systems want to avoid expensive legal battles that they will inevitably lose, they must define harassment and bullying narrowly to protect the free speech rights of students. However, many school systems appear to place ideological homogeneity over free speech and fiscal responsibility. One of those school systems is Fairfax County, Virginia.

According to anonymous sources, a student at a FCPS school was accused by administration of conduct that "border[ed] on harassment" for little more than telling another student to visit a certain website.

Those who quarrel with my use of anonymous sources should remember that the mainstream media heavily uses anonymous sources as well - on far more consequential stories than this one - such as their recently retracted claim that Russia hacked into a Vermont utility provider, which was entirely based on anonymous sources.

Further, broad definitions of harassment and bullying lead to potential targeting based on politics or personal conflict. If a student or his/her family is on the administration's bad side, for whatever reason, "harassment" is the easiest way for corrupt, dishonest school officials to take revenge. Without a clear-cut definition, administrators can accuse a student of "hurting someone's feelings", and punish them as they wish. Since the definition of harassment is entirely subjective, there will be no feasible way for the targeted student to challenge the school's decision. (Of course, the majority of school employees would not do something like this, but there are some who would.)

In fact, false accusations of harassment or bullying can be a form of harassment and bullying. By falsely accusing them of harassment, a bully can take down an enemy without laying a finger on them - and while being painted as a victim or even a hero by school officials.

The potentials for abuse are too great. Policies designed to prevent bullying are creating more of it instead. The time has come for citizens to question the propaganda spewed by "professionals" who claim to act in the best interest of children but instead dismantle our basic liberties. The best anti-bullying program is a karate class - not endless indoctrination about "diversity and tolerance", much less policies that eviscerate free speech and enforce radical political correctness on our schools. Reform is needed, now. 

Parents' Group Develops Rating System For FCPS FLE Lessons

A new website,, has developed a rating system for FCPS Family Life Education (FLE) classes, explaining in detail the content of each lesson in order to help parents make an informed decision about whether or not to opt their children out of FLE.

Each lesson from grades Kindergarten through 12 is given a Green (acceptable), Yellow (caution advised) or Red (opt out recommended) rating. The site also includes a paragraph-long summary of each lesson.

Meg Kilgannon, who was involved in the creation of, explained the purpose of the website.

"We hope that parents will be intrigued by our ratings and review the lessons for themselves. The ultimate goal is for parents to know what is being taught in FLE. Parents need to make an informed decision about this subject matter. They can do that by reviewing the lessons on blackboard. Our guide can help if parents don't have time, but our ultimate objective is parental engagement. Opt out or don't, but make a conscious decision. Sexual health is too important to totally entrust to educational bureaucrats."  

To view the ratings chart, please click here.