Saturday, August 27, 2016

FCPS Erases All FLE, Youth Survey Opt-Out Forms from Website

The new FCPS website. 

Parents in Fairfax County can no longer opt their children out of Family Life Education (a euphemism for sex education) or the annual Youth Survey. All links to opt-out forms for FLE or the Youth Survey are redirected to the home page or a 404 error. 

Recently, Fairfax County Public Schools released a new website. Karen Garza, superintendent of schools, claimed that the previous website was "no longer meeting [parents' and students'] needs" and that the new website provides a "wide range of information" in a "clear, accessible, and user-friendly way."

But, that "wide range of information" no longer includes any way to opt out of FCPS' massive data collection and inappropriate sex education. The new FCPS website does contain a printable "opt-out packet", but that packet only includes opt-outs for school counseling, military recruiting, and commercial release. All forms related to sex education or the Youth Survey have disappeared from the website.

No information at all is provided about the FCPS Youth Survey. The old page about the survey is redirected to a 404 error, and it is also impossible to find any page about the Youth Survey by searching the website.

Is Fairfax County attempting to shut parents out of information about what they are really doing? It sure looks like it. Try these links, and see what happens!

This recent development only strengthens the case that I made in an August 19 article -- If you are a parent, keep your kids home from school on the day that the survey is to be conducted. Opt out forms are NOT always respected, and this year, they may not even exist.

But this year is different. Parents, students, and concerned citizens in Fairfax County are beginning to realize the true motives and agendas behind the Fairfax school board. Homeschooling rates have nearly doubled in Virginia, and in the past year, several different websites, including, have been created to keep the Fairfax school board, and larger public school establishment, accountable.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Student "Journalists": Puppets of the Public School Establishment

In schools across America, "student newspapers" are common activities for middle and high school students who are interested in journalism, media, or technology. However, these "student newspapers" often are little more than mouthpieces for the liberal public school elites. A perfect example of this can be found in Alexandria, Virginia.

The West Potomac Wire, a "student-run" publication associated with West Potomac High School, claims to be the "student voice of West Potomac High School." But if their news content is to be believed, that voice is overwhelmingly liberal, and fully content with stretching facts, exaggerating, and forthrightly lying. 

I challenge readers to find a single editorial on their website,, that expresses any viewpoint that even slightly conflicts with the ideology of the public school Establishment. 

West Potomac Wire, along with many other "student newspapers" like it, is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the powerful, overwhelmingly liberal, school administrators who direct the operation of this publication. This newspaper does not represent the legitimate voice of students.

On May 9, 2016, Nina Raneses, the co-editor in chief for the West Potomac Wire, released an article covering the ridiculous and unnecessary frenzy over the Liberty University President's endorsement of Donald Trump. Aside from being clearly biased, the article openly lied to promote the editors' (and their administration handlers') perspective on the issue. 

"On April 28, all nine members of the Fairfax County School Board, representing all districts along with the chair and vice chair, wrote a letter to the executive committee of the Virginia High School League (VHSL) explaining why the league should no longer hold events at Liberty University following comments made by the school’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., during a convocation speech in December 2015."

Their article is totally false. Firstly, there are not nine members on the school board, there are twelve. While nine members signed Ryan McElveen and Ilryong Moon's letter, three (Elizabeth Schultz, Jeannette Hough, and Thomas Wilson) did not. This frankly resembles Soviet government propaganda, where officials who fell out of favor with Stalin were not only sent to labor camps, but also were airbrushed off all official photographs and erased from all official records. Apparently, at West Potomac High School, school board members who refuse to rubber stamp the agenda of the FCPS elites do not actually serve on the school board. It's all an illusion...

This is not the first, or the only, incident of this puppet "newspaper" disseminating black propaganda (no, social justice activists, it's not a racial term.) On June 28, 2016, the Wire published a story by the same author (Nina Raneses) that wrote the article about the manufactured Liberty University "controversy." In the article, which was not in the Wire's op-ed section, Raneses claimed that "West Potomac Students Support House Democrats’ Sit-In on Capitol Hill." Similarly to her previous piece, the article started off with a totally false and unsourced accusation that in fact originated with a TV comedian. 

"From Wednesday, June 22 to Thursday, June 23, House Democrats initiated a sit-in on the floor of the House Chamber in a protest for gun control legislation. The sit-in came only a little over a week after a mass shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando that killed 49 people, and two days after the Senate voted down several gun control measures.

The sit-in garnered attention all over social media, especially after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) ordered for the C-SPAN cameras to be shut off, all the while the event was still streaming on Periscope on Twitter and across various platforms. People from across the region and the District flocked to the Capitol to witness the event, which included demonstrations on the Hill and in the city."

While ResistanceMedia is no fan of Paul Ryan, due to his undermining of Donald Trump's candidacy, we will defend him against this completely false accusation. A member of Congress cannot just tell C-SPAN to turn off their cameras. That's NOT how it works. Even many liberals agree that this charge is just not true. In fact, this idea was made by comedian Stephen Colbert that night, and then picked up by various liberal blogs. 

The West Potomac Wire is literally getting their news information from a stand-up comedian. 

The rest of their article is no better. While the headline claims that "West Potomac students" supported the Democrats' pro-gun control protest, the story revolves around a West Potomac graduate and her friend, who is a senior at West Potomac. That's it. One student. It appears that Nina Ramses, or more likely the administration editors, wanted a story pushing gun control to be published. And, therefore, they dug up a story of one student who went to DC and caught a brief glimpse of the protesters. 

This "newspaper," on top of their extreme bias and shredding of journalistic ethics, also shills for the group GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network.) GLSEN is a group that advocates that public schools promote homosexuality and transgenderism to students. In an article entitled "Latin Teacher Dedicates Career to LGBT Advocacy", "journalist" Shahtaj Ali violates journalistic ethics by stating that a policy requiring parental consent to join a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) was a "problem." (excerpt below)

“The first thing I did was get the policy changed to not discourage GSAs [Gay Straight Alliance]. When I first got involved in 2000, I met someone at a different high school who had a GSA. At the time the county discouraged GSAs, they made it difficult for students to join,” he recalled.

Rigby saw the problem, and decided to act. [emphasis added]

“I contacted the superintendent and a legal team and I worked with the superintendent over nine months to change the policy. To not discourage GSA. Suddenly about a dozen GSA’s popped up. But that’s Fairfax over 17 years ago, it’s changed.”

Because of their loose journalistic ethics, the West Potomac Wire is a failing newspaper (as Donald Trump says regarding the New York Times.) While received 5,720 hits in July 2016, the West Potomac Wire only accumulated 1,800 hits in that month, according to SimilarWeb will continue to update readers on the latest about this important issue, and we will continue exposing what the public school establishment does not want you to hear. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Federal Judge Slaps Down Obama Transgender "Directive"

In a major blow to the claims of school board member Ryan McElveen and others that Barack Obama's recent directive to schools constitutes "the law", a federal judge ruled today to block the "directive", and stated that such public policy questions must be decided by elected public officials, not Department of Education bureaucrats. The judge granted a preliminary injunction, which the Obama administration is expected to appeal. 


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids any employer from discriminating on the basis of sex. In 1972, Congress added Title IX, requiring all schools receiving federal funds—which includes every public school nationwide—to provide separate facilities of equal quality for both male and female students.

On May 13, 2016, the Obama administration’s Department of Education sent a letter to every school system in America, informing them that regulations implementing Title IX require all schools to allow all children and adults to use whichever bathroom and shower facilities they choose to identify with, regardless of whether that gender identity is the same as their biological sex. This corresponded with other federal pronouncements reiterating that all employers are subject to this same requirement under Title VII.

As an example, this means that when a 14-year-old high school freshman girl goes to the girls’ locker room to shower, an 18-year-old boy (now an adult) who is a senior at that school has the legal right to use the shower right next to her while she’s showering, so long as he says he’s identifying as a female on that particular day. (One of the new gender categories is “gender fluid,” meaning that a person can change gender identities from day to day.)

The administration has specified that requiring biological boys or men to use separate facilities, or to use the same facility at a different time of day than when females are using them, would be illegal discrimination.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School 2016: Fairfax County Middle School Libraries Contain Disgusting, Anti-Christian Filth

WARNING: This report contains DIRECT QUOTES from books freely available to middle school students in Fairfax County public schools. Some of the quotes may involve sexually implicit and explicit material inappropriate for children. 

In February 2016, Key Middle School and FCPS at large was caught red-handed distributing occult, satanic, blasphemous, and sexually graphic books through school libraries. This has not gained mainstream attention even though the content of the book in question, There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff, included depictions of God having sex. Copies of this book remain common in FCPS libraries as shown by this screenshot from the official FCPS website.

The book There is No Dog is pure evil. That is not an overstatement. The proof is even available online on the FCPS library catalog.

On the listings of most books in the FCPS school library system, FCPS posts official reviews and descriptions as well as a short excerpt. The excerpt available for There is No Dog is from the most indecent and obscene portion of the book!

The quotes that follow are taken directly from the official excerpt, available in FULL on the FCPS library listing for There is No Dog. The FCPS website makes it difficult to directly link to a library catalog listing, so to access the full excerpt, go to the official FCPS library catalog at and search "Meg Rosoff" or "There is No Dog." Then, click the "A Look Inside" tab and scroll down to the excerpt.

"God is dreaming of water. In his dream there is a fountain, and a naked girl, and (of course) there is him. The water is warm, the girl willing; her flesh is soft. He reaches out a hand to caress her breast, curls his fingers instead round one slim arm . . ."

"Mr B fumes. God is dreaming of soapy sex with his fantasy girlfriend while the rest of the world drowns in the bath. His bath."

"...the expression on God’s face makes his heart sink. It is twelve parts moony love, eighty-three parts sexual desire..."

"Happy now, the boy drifts back to bed, where he dozes, conjuring filthy scenarios around the girlfriend he hasn’t yet met."

The website Common Sense Media, which writes parental reviews about books, movies, music, and other media, wrote that There is No Dog is only appropriate for "mature teens." NO, pornography and blasphemy are NOT appropriate for ANYONE, but even if we accept Common Sense Media's view, middle school students are NOT "mature teens!"

I know that Common Sense Media praises the book for its "literary value," but I am still using their review to show that even outlets that promote this book admit that it is sacrilegious and sexually explicit. This book has ZERO educational or literary value, so it looks like Common Sense Media (members of the Clinton family sit on the board of directors) is desperately trying to promote this book. The whole premise of the book is idiotic. Even if it had "literary value," it still would be disgusting, blasphemous filth. 

Common Sense Media writes the following about this book.

"Parents need to know that this book turns Christianity on its ear, portraying God not as a supreme, wise being but as an indolent, rude teenage boy, stuck with a job no one else wanted. His only interest: Finding hot girls to have sex with..."

"Bob (God) is obsessed with sex, naked girls, and seducing humans, and the anecdotes of his conquests hint at ... rape"

"There's frequent ... cursing, including 's--t'..."

The author, atheist Meg Rosoff, mocks Christianity with the entire premise of the book in addition to the sexual content. Apparently, according to this book, God's mother won the right to create the universe in a POKER GAME, God is self-obsessed and cocky, and God is "advised" by "Mr.B."

In addition to There is No Dog, there is another, worse, book that exists in the Key Middle School library as well as 4 other school libraries...

Recently, the book One Butt-Cheek at a Time (yes, that IS the real title) was discovered by a student at Key Middle School. When the student flipped open the book to a random page, he was shocked at what he saw. There are graphic descriptions of various sexual topics in the book.

Even according to the official library website, this is a book about SEX! The following is a direct quote from the official description/review of the book on the library catalog. There was some very graphic sexual content in the review, so it was deleted for the purposes of this article. You can read the full review at this link:

Raucously frank, and very irreverent, this funny first novel chronicles high-school hierarchy and the teenage code of conduct through the rants and raves of smart, candid Gert, 15, who teaches herself to pluck her eyebrows and to <<SEXUAL CONTENT DELETED >> Her best friend, Adam, is gay, and she's sometimes jealous of the time he spends with his partner, even as he helps her decide what to wear for the homecoming dance <<SEXUAL CONTENT DELETED >>. Her parents are totally divorced from the contemporary scene, school spirit sucks, and many of her teachers are yucky, including the counselor who drones on about becoming gifted citizens of the world. The sex-ed teacher is cool, though, warning the girls about STDs and urging them to <<SEXUAL CONTENT DELETED>> . Teenagers can begin reading anywhere, though most will want to read the book from beginning to end.


All this trash must be removed from schools NOW. Forget about "parental notification" or "permission slips." This is completely unacceptable that taxpayers are forced to contribute money for these books.   

Friday, August 19, 2016

Google Censors FCPS Reform Website for "Violating Terms of Service" (UPDATED)

Update (8/19/2016) - It appears that Google has responded to our criticism by reinstating the short URL link. Thanks to all ResistanceMedia readers for "requesting reviews" from Google. 

In the latest of a string of incidents involving Google showing their liberal bias, the website Take Back Fairfax ( has apparently been banned from Google's Short URL service for allegedly "violating Google's terms of service."

On August 13, 2016, ResistanceMedia's Twitter account (@schooltyranny16) posted an excerpt from a Take Back Fairfax article entitled "The Moral Narcissism of Ryan McElveen", with a link to the article.  
 Now, if you click on the Google Short URL link in the tweet, an error message appears:

The message reads,  "this shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively."

After reviewing their "Terms of Service", it is not clear what term this website is violating. The Google "Terms of Service" are available for review at this link. The article in question is available here.  

It is more likely that the link was banned because it criticizes Ryan McElveen, who works at the liberal Brookings Institution, which Google financially supports. 

This is not the first time that Google has been engaged in "questionable" behavior that shows favoritism towards certain views. Just a week ago, if "when is the election" or other related keywords were searched in Google Search, THIS was the result:

You can visit the Short URL here to "request a review". Please do NOT let Google get away with this latest incident of bias!