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Parent Speaks Out Against Dangerous LGBT Agenda In Fairfax, VA

To the Editor:

The following is inspired by my heroine Sally J. Naumann of Carlisle, MA.  See her Letter to the Editor on April 28, 2017 in Carlisle Mosquito newspaper. They published it at the end of all the others, on page 22, near the back of the paper.   She has since been on local Boston NBC because of it and received much expected response as well as a quite undertow of support.  You go girl! I’m with her.

One of the saddest vistas I know is that of the beautiful rainbow flying as a flag to welcome and encourage children into the extremely dangerous behavior of homosexuality.  Each time I see that flag around town or on a church or in fun parades or on a kid favorite item like Skittles or Doritos or Super Bowl half time shows, etc my heart cries out—why, Why?  And now to see it taught and encouraged at school makes me cry even more for the children’s sake.

Indeed, why is this flag being used to speak well of homosexuality and encourage children into the behavior? Where is the ca…
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Let's Get Anti-White Racist Antifa High School Teacher Livier Perez FIRED!

A recent report published on the website included very disturbing information about far-left Antifa indoctrination in our nation's public school system.

At Oakland Technical High School in California, 10th grade English teacher Livier Perez invited a lecturer from the radical leftist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) into the classroom to recruit students. BAMN is considered part of the conglomeration of violent far-left, anarchist, and communist organizations called Antifa, ostensibly Anti-Fascist Action. BAMN has been implicated in several acts of mob violence, including starting a riot in Sacramento, California which led to the hospitalization of 10 people due to knife wounds.

The BAMN lecturer was allowed to pass out literature to students, and invited them to upcoming BAMN events and protests. A sign-up sheet was passed around the classroom for a BAMN meeting scheduled for the next night. The speaker spoke favorably of "occupation" of airports a…

Communist Public School Suspends Student For Instagram Like

Apparently, the school system is monitoring students' Instagram accounts now - even what they like, not just their posts. 

An Ohio Middle School student was recently suspended from school for 10 days for liking an Instagram post of an Airsoft gun. After he and his family went to the media (good for them!), the suspension was lifted. However, based on the content of statements released by the school system in response to media coverage, it is clear that the suspension would have remained in place had this story not been written about by the press.

Take a look at what the individual who runs the school system, Russ Fussnecker, told the Washington Times:

As the Superintendent of the Edgewood City Schools, I assure you that any social media threat will be taken serious including those who ‘like’ the post when it potentially endangers the health and safety of students or adversely affects the educational process.When you’re dealing with school districts nowadays and there are pictures o…

Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center, Part III: Corrupt Connections

This is the last article in a three-part series exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center. While Part I focused on the SPLC's dishonesty and dissemination of "fake news", and Part II was about the SPLC's disregard for free speech and slander of political dissidents, Part III will expose this domestic hate group's corrupt financial accounting, deceptive advertising, and potential connections to radical groups that espouse political violence, including Antifa.

The SPLC sends breathless fundraising correspondence to its donors and supporters, who are overwhelmingly older and wealthier, warning them of armed "Klan paramilitary forces" and "violent neo-Nazi extremists." However, these claims are not based in fact, as shown in part I of this article.

Having no legitimate opponents, the SPLC now slanders political opponents. They list anyone who speaks out against the homosexual agenda, mass immigration, or Islamic terrorism as a "hate group.&quo…

The Truth Behind The J.E.B. Stuart High School Renaming Push

A shocking new report published by the Daily Caller has exposed the supposedly "student-led" effort to rename J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA as being "plagued with clandestine conversations and deceptive tactics", according to freelance reporter Drew Johnson

For approximately two years, the school, named after a Confederate war hero, has been the target of an orchestrated campaign promoted by local politicians, leftist advocacy groups, and the mainstream media. The goal is to rename J.E.B. Stuart High after liberal Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall.

The name change is expected to cost Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) over $1 million (even though FCPS is currently experiencing a $70 million budget deficit for the 2016-2017 school year.) Also, students and/or parents would be forced to purchase new spirit wear, physical education uniforms, and band uniforms if the name change is enacted. This could potentially lead to hundreds of thousands …