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FCPS Youth Survey 2015 -- 164 intrusive, graphic questions about all aspects of life

On November 9-13, 2015, FCPS 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th-graders will take a survey which consists of an astounding 164 questions. The answers from the survey are used by radical groups such as Planned Parenthood and homosexual groups. The 164 questions include invasive and graphic questions like these ones:

And this is the business of the school? You may say that this is necessary in order to inform the police of a possible crime (Domestic Assault and Battery). But in fact, this survey, by their own admissions is "completely anonymous". The only reason for this survey is data-mining for lobbying groups, and not actual help for children who admit to witnessing felonies and gross misdemeanors before their own eyes. 

Many military families change homes many times, often every year. This is not a reasonable question, and is simply... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

As the informative website MassResistance points out, "Going through a battery of questions asking "how many times" a child has engaged in certain sex acts, drug use, illegal or unhealthy activity (or attempting suicide) will likely cause the child to believe he is abnormal if he is not doing it at all – especially since the survey comes from an authority figure." 


Seriously? This is for 8th-graders! I know the line, "Oh, our society is different today, this is happening all the time" Well, this is NOT, and if it was, why is that question in this survey. As I have pointed out, these surveys are NOT for the purpose of helping kids who are the victims of these horrible crimes. They are for the purpose of data-mining for lobbying groups. Many 8th-graders may not even know that that occurred! 

Allow me to point out a question here, "how did you get the alcohol you drank". The word, "how" is used when IT IS ASSUMED THAT SOMETHING HAPPENED, and all it is asking is BY WHAT MEANS DID IT HAPPEN. In other words, FCPS ASSUMES that those surveyed HAVE drank alcohol, and all they want to know is HOW they got their alcohol. 

Some of these options are ridiculous! A kid uses HEROIN 40 TIMES in the past 30 DAYS, COMES TO SCHOOL, AND IS FUNCTIONING??? They can come to school and take a survey after using HEROIN every day, sometimes MULTIPLE TIMES per day?

Again, the buzzword "HOW"

You can view the full survey here:


As you can see, the FCPS YOUTH SURVEY is an intrusive, data mining survey. Now, it is time to see how the results are used. 

A Fairfax County Government report, called "LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, QUESTIONING Youth in Fairfax County", claimed that "Eleven percent of teens in Fairfax County self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning (LGBQ)". While that number is grossly out of step with the national number which is less than 2 percent (, citizens must wonder, "where did they get that number). The answer is clear, THE FCPS YOUTH SURVEY! 

The rest of the report goes on to say things like, "Advocate for your teen. Support legislation that provides funding to implement anti-bullying policies that include protections for LGBQ youth, support research on bullying among LGBQ students, and support bullying prevention programs that address homophobia." Remember this is a taxpayer-funded report by the Fairfax County Government.

"When youth reveal same-sex attractions and relationships, this is an opportunity to better inform and support LGBQ youth". It's one thing to have a weird attraction, but according to the Fairfax County Government, parents should support their children in their same-sex relationships. 

However, to go in depth into this report is another topic for another article. 

Data on homosexuality, bisexuality (which I don't even know what that means), and "transgender"  undoubtedly influenced the passing of the FCPS "Non-Discrimination" policy last summer as well as the overhaul of the "Family Life Education". 

Join me and THROW YOUR SURVEY AWAY on November 9. Or at least leave it blank. To say that you are "weighting the survey" in favor of reasonable students is incorrect, as to say that, you must accept the legitimacy of the government data-mining tens of thousands of children.




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