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Take your survey home and do THIS to it

FCPS Youth Survey 2015 -- 164 intrusive, graphic questions about all aspects of life

On November 9-13, 2015, FCPS 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th-graders will take a survey which consists of an astounding 164 questions. The answers from the survey are used by radical groups such as Planned Parenthood and homosexual groups. The 164 questions include invasive and graphic questions like these ones:

And this is the business of the school? You may say that this is necessary in order to inform the police of a possible crime (Domestic Assault and Battery). But in fact, this survey, by their own admissions is "completely anonymous". The only reason for this survey is data-mining for lobbying groups, and not actual help for children who admit to witnessing felonies and gross misdemeanors before their own eyes. 

Many military families change homes many times, often every year. This is not a reasonable question, and is simply... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

As the informative website MassResistance points out, "Going through a battery of questions asking "how many times&qu…