Why Schools NEED to "ban books"

By ResistanceMedia Staff -- January 30, 2016

One of the most liberal professions in America is school librarians. They stage "Banned Books Week" and whine about their so-called "academic freedom" to promote whatever they want to students in school. However, unless America is Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Communist China, children are not property of the government, and parents should have control over what messages that their children are exposed to in school. 

Parents, legally, have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to control the upbringing of their children. Although the Supreme Court is in no way some kind of "final authority" on the Constitution, their decisions should still be valued, although they are not law. In Meyer v. Nebraska, the Supreme Court said that parents have the right to give children "education suitable to his station in life"

"In Meyer v. Nebraska, the Court invalidated a state law which prohibited foreign language instruction for school children because the law did not “promote” education but rather “arbitrarily and unreasonably” interfered with “the natural duty of the parent to give his children education suitable to their station in life...”  The court chastened the legislature for attempting “materially to interfere with the power of parents to control the education of their own.”  This decision clearly affirmed that the Constitution protects the preferences of the parent in education over those of the State. In the same decision, the Supreme Court also recognized that the right of the parents to delegate their authority to a teacher in order to instruct their children was protected within the liberty of the Fourteenth Amendment. "

  Christopher J. Klicka, Esquire, Homeschool Legal Defense Association

While communist liberals claim that school boards "banning" books is some kind of violation of the made-up concept of "academic freedom", the reality is that when a school board decides to remove the book from schools, the book is NOT "banned". Anyone can buy the book on Amazon.com or at a bookstore. The book simply may not be pushed on impressionable children by the government without parental permission. 

By the way, the concept of "academic freedom" DOES NOT EXIST in K-12 public schools. Academic freedom is a concept, not any kind of legal right, related to professors in colleges and universities being able to investigate any topic with academic studies. There is no right of any public school to push whatever messages they want on impressionable children in K-12 public schools. In fact, if that right existed, it would not be legal, as it would contradict the 9th and 14th amendment rights of parents to direct the education of their children. 

All public school board should immediately adopt the following policy:

ResistanceMedia policy on school books

1. All books which contain any form of graphic violence, depictions of sex or sexuality, or glorification of homosexuality or transgenderism should immediately be removed from all elementary and middle schools. 

1a. Books which contain a moderate level of violence may be allowed in middle schools as long as the violence is in a clear historical context, and is being used to teach history. 

2. Any books that contain graphic violence, depictions of sex or sexuality, or glorification of homosexuality or transgenderism in high schools should not be allowed in the general library. If they are being used in a class, parental permission slips should be distributed which describe the objectionable materials, and the return of the signed slips must be required in order to allow the books to be distributed. If the slips are not returned, there must be no penalty on the student for not reading the book, and it must not be necessary for a graded assignment. 

3. Any books which glorify witchcraft, satanism, the occult, magic, or other objectionable spiritual or occult practices must not be allowed in any school library or as part of any class assignment. 

4. The School Board recognizes the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, and stands in opposition to any attempt to change this policy by any authority other than this School Board, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, or the Virginia Legislature. Any ruling by a federal court or by any federal agency or any other part of the federal government is null and void, and shall not be enforced by this County. 

5. Any employee who intentionally violates any portion of this Ordinance must immediately be removed from his or her position.