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An open letter to Karen Garza

February 13, 2016

Ms. Garza,
I would like to bring to your attention your FCPS Portrait of a Graduate, where it is stated that graduates of FCPS must be “global citizens”.  The definition of a global citizen, according to any credible dictionary, is one who puts their identity with a “world community” over their citizenship of their own nation.
As a citizen of the US, do you really intend that students should consider some sort of allegiance to the United Nations or some kind of “world government” over their citizenship of the US? If you do, you are little more than a Cultural Marxist infiltrator, helping to build the Orwellian international socialist government.
In addition, the IB program that FCPS has instituted is also part of the push for world government. In fact, IB (International Baccalaureate) was founded by Alec Peterson, the deputy director of psychological warfare in Southeast Asia in the 1950s. The IB curriculum is a registered “non-governmental organization” with the UN. Until recently, the IB program officially supported the Communist “Earth Charter” a global “constitution” which would trump the US Constitution and force population control, same-sex marriage, and “sustainable development” on the entire world.
In IB schools, every student must take a “Theory of Knowledge” course, which has been shown to be little more than a brainwashing session to turn children into moral and cultural relativists in direct contradiction to the values of their parents. The Theory of Knowledge class teaches students that everything, even provable mathematical facts, are to be “questioned”. It also teaches students that there are no objective truths.
In case that is not enough evidence, on the UNESCO website, the organization advertises the creation of a “NEW HUMANISM” for the 21st century. The official UN World School uses IB. IB is listed as a partner with UNESCO. There is no doubt that the UN and IB are connected.
Ms. Garza, is this a way to implement Common Core in Fairfax County – in direct violation of the directives of the Virginia Legislature, which decided NOT to implement Common Core? The term “Common Core” was first used in the 1950s by United Nations officials, and did NOT originate in America. In fact, there is very little difference between IB and Common Core.
Ms. Garza, if you really did not intend to push through a globalized curriculum of propaganda with intent to brainwash students against the US and in favor of the UN, please make sure that this DISASTROUS “Portrait of a Graduate” is repealed immediately. But if you did intend to educate “global citizens”, SHAME ON YOU for being a Marxist “useful idiot”, so blinded by elitist psychobabble that you have lost your love for your country.


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