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Evolution Refuted Scientifically

Evolution: Unscientific Nonsense Masquerading as Science

by ResistanceMedia staff

March 4, 2016

The theory of evolution is constantly promoted in public schools as fact, but is it really fact, or is it a religion which has no scientific basis and is only used to explain away the existence of God?

In public schools across America, students are brainwashed with the idea that life arose from non-life, and then evolved from molecules to human beings over billions of years. This, in my opinion, is responsible for an increase in school shootings, and generally immoral behavior among children in public school. If all humans are is a clump of cells that originated from a "Big bang" explosion, then why should we be moral at all? If evolution is true, there can never be any objective moral standards, and therefore, every single act must be acceptable.

Evolution is not science. In order for an idea to be scientific, it must be falsifiable. That means that there must be a way to disprove it scientifically. It also must be observable, which evolution is not. Evolution only exists in theory. Since there is no way to observe evolution, there is no way to disprove, or falsify, it.

Evolution is, in fact, a religion without a God. In order to justify their non-belief in a God, the evolutionists MUST abandon any pretext of scientific objectivity, and return to the Dark Ages for their explanation of the origin of life.

Of course, evolution is a very dubious psuedoscientific theory that has very little to do with science. But, while evolution is impossible, and is very unscientific, there is something else which puts the nail in the coffin on the evolutionist worldview.

Where did that "first cell" come from?

That one question destroys the whole worldview. While some theorists (NOT scientists) have put forth various theories, there is no way to prove or disprove them scientifically, and they are just promoting bizarre religious beliefs. All of the theories, however, assume that by some means, a living organism came from non-living matter in one way or another. This theory is called "Spontaneous Generation" and is literally an idea dug up from the DARK AGES.

Even Wikipedia, which is heavily biased in favor of evolution and spontaneous generation, admits that the two theories are the same. The entry for "Abiogenesis" (the new term for Spontaneous Generation) reads as follows:

"Abiogenesis... is the natural process of life arising from non-living matter, such as simple organic (coming from life) compounds (how could there be organic compounds if there was no life at the time?). It is thought to have occurred on Earth between 3.8 and 4.1 billion years ago...."

The entry for Spontaneous Generation says the following:

"Spontaneous generation or anomalous generation is an obsolete body of thought on the ordinary formation of living organisms without descent from similar organisms. Typically, the idea was that certain forms such as fleas could arise from inanimate matter such as dust..."

Basically, the idea is that life comes from non-life. Yes, there are differences in the specifics of the theories, but the basic idea is the same: living organisms come from non-living substances. Even the name Abiogenesis proves that they are the same. The prefix -a means "without", the prefix -bio- means "life", and the word "genesis" means "creation". The word itself means the idea of LIFE COMING FROM NON-LIFE. 

The theory of spontaneous generation was finally refuted in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur, but it had lost much of its influence in the 17th century. EVOLUTIONISTS HAVE DUG UP A THEORY WHICH WAS CREATED IN ANCIENT GREECE AND HAD MOST OF ITS INFLUENCE IN THE DARK AGES!

There is no viewpoint which adequately explains the creation of life, other than the Bible. Even secular science clearly refutes the viewpoint of evolution. 

Evolution is a dangerous myth, which should not be taught in schools at all, much less while opposing viewpoints are being censored. The Counterrevolution Movement and ResistanceMedia stand against all promotion of evolution as fact in schools. 

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