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Popular "Juvie Three" Book Exposed

By ResistanceMedia staff

April 30, 2016

The book "Juvie Three" is very popular in public schools, especially in Fairfax County. For example, in some middle schools, Juvie Three is one of only two books students read in English class -- including "honors" classes -- all year. 

The book revolves around the adventures of three young criminals, who are serving time in juvenile detention -- one for murder, one for carjacking, and one for breaking and entering. All three are given a "second chance" in an experimental halfway house in New York City. After several weeks in the halfway house, one of the inmates wants to join his "crew" and sneaks out of the halfway house. The leader finds him, and they "get in a fight", which results in the halfway house leader being thrown off a fire escape.

The inmates steal a car to take him to the hospital, leaving him unconscious outside of the hospital. The leader ends up in a psychiatric hospital with amnesi…

IB Poe Middle School Recommends Pornographic Book

It is now public knowledge that Fairfax County Public Schools libraries are full of sexually graphic books and materials. In fact, earlier this month, ResistanceMedia exposed a book called One Butt Cheek at a Time for extremely graphic sexual material (see full article from Apr. 17, 2016 at this link.) Below are some excerpts from the expose of this book. 

Recently, the book One Butt-Cheek at a Time (yes, that IS the real title) was discovered by a student at Key Middle School. When the student flipped open the book to a random page, he was shocked at what he saw. There are graphic descriptions of various sexual topics in the book.

Even according to the official FCPS library website, this is a book about SEX! The following is a direct quote from the official FCPS description/review of the book on the library catalog. There was some very graphic sexual content in the review, so it was deleted for the purposes of this article. You can read the full review at this link: http://libcat.fcps.…

Schools Censoring Trump Supporters

By ResistanceMedia staff
April 19, 2016
Donald Trump, the best candidate for US President in 2016, has become the target of tremendous levels of hate from Soviet-flag-flying Communists, obscene rappers,street rioters, and illegal immigrants.

Public schools, which are largely Cultural Marxist institutions, have been censoring Trump supporters since Trump entered the race. This is a brief overview of three recent documented cases of public school censorship of pro-Trump sentiment. 
October 23, 2015 -- An Arizona high school banned pro-Trump material -- as well as American flags -- from a football game, claiming that the US flag as well as Donald Trump are "racist."

As Breitbart found, a school official tweeted: “Anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc. It’s not the clothing, but the intent behind it.” The message was signed by “Sunrise Staff.”
The game was supposed to go forth with a “USA” theme, Breitbart said. But the plan changed when it appe…

Cultural Marxism -- Myths and Facts

By ResistanceMedia staff writers

April 16, 2016

Cultural Marxism is a systematic ideology which holds that a society's culture must be infiltrated, subverted, and ultimately destroyed in order to create a utopian society. The idea of Cultural Marxism is similar to traditional Marxism-Leninism in that both ideologies seek to create a utopian “classless society” free of all “inequality”, but there are several differences in the two schools of thought. Cultural Marxism sees the obstacle that stands in the way of a utopian society as traditional values and culture, while Marxism-Leninism sees the obstacle as capitalism. In addition, classical Marxism believes in violent revolution as the means to create a communist society, while Cultural Marxism generally emphasizes non-violent subversion and eventual takeover of cultural institutions followed by use of those institutions to spread propaganda.
But there have been numerous myths spread about Cultural Marxism, many of which are intended …

FCPS caught distributing SEXUALLY EXPLICIT books AGAIN

WARNING: This report contains DIRECT QUOTES from books freely available to middle school students in Fairfax County public schools. Some of the quotes may involve sexually implicit and explicit material inappropriate for children. I am making these quotes public in order to publicize the evil agenda of the Communist anti-Christian atheists who obviously run FCPS.

In February 2016, Key Middle School and FCPS at large was caught red-handed distributing occult, satanic, blasphemous, and sexually graphic books through school libraries. This has not gained mainstream attention even though the content of the book in question, There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff, included depictions of God having sex. Copies of this book remain common in FCPS libraries as shown by this screenshot from the official FCPS website.

The book There is No Dog is pure evil. That is not an overstatement. The proof is even available online on the FCPS library catalog.

On the listings of most books in the FCPS school library…

Communist Virginia Governor Vetoes Child Protection bill

A Virginia bill which aims to protect children from sexually graphic materials in schools, of the sort that ResistanceMedia has exposed previously with the There is No Dog scandal, has been vetoed by the governor.

However, Virginia governor Comrade Teryinski McAuliv (Terry McAuliffe) has decided to veto the bill, at the urging of the National Council of Totalitarian Elitists (National Council of Teachers of English.) Now, sexually explicit materials will continue to be pushed in schools, even over the objections of parents.

From WTOP:

 Virginia’s Democratic governor has vetoed a bill that seeks to force schools to notify parents if their children will be assigned books with sexually explicit content. Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in his veto message Monday that he believes it’s inappropriate to interfere with local school board policy. He also said the bill is unnecessary because the Virginia Board of Education is already examining such a policy.

The bill received a 22-17 vote in the Senate, m…

SOL Grading System Biased Towards Mediocrity

Virginia SOL Scoring System Biased Towards Mediocrity 

April 1, 2016

By ResistanceMedia staff

The Virginia SOL tests are an obsession for the majority of students who are in Virginia public schools. Teachers desperately review in the weeks before the SOL in fear that their students will fail and that their failure will reflect poorly on the teacher. But, in fact, the SOL testing system is biased heavily towards mediocrity, and there is some reason to believe that the computerized grading system is "tweaking" the scores to meet specific school goals (and if the individuals responsible for grading the SOLs are really innocent, there is no way to know.)

Virginia SOLs are graded on a scale of 0 to 600, with 400 representing the minimum score to pass. A score of 500 represents advanced proficiency, and of course, 600 is perfect. On most SOLs, there are between 40 and 55 questions, not 600, so the official score can never really line up with the actual percentages that were received. …