Communist Virginia Governor Vetoes Child Protection bill

A Virginia bill which aims to protect children from sexually graphic materials in schools, of the sort that ResistanceMedia has exposed previously with the There is No Dog scandal, has been vetoed by the governor.

However, Virginia governor Comrade Teryinski McAuliv (Terry McAuliffe) has decided to veto the bill, at the urging of the National Council of Totalitarian Elitists (National Council of Teachers of English.) Now, sexually explicit materials will continue to be pushed in schools, even over the objections of parents.

From WTOP:

 Virginia’s Democratic governor has vetoed a bill that seeks to force schools to notify parents if their children will be assigned books with sexually explicit content.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in his veto message Monday that he believes it’s inappropriate to interfere with local school board policy. He also said the bill is unnecessary because the Virginia Board of Education is already examining such a policy.

The bill received a 22-17 vote in the Senate, meaning there’s likely not enough support to override the governor’s veto.

The measure would require schools to provide an alternative to a sexually explicit book if a parent objected.
A library expert has said Virginia would be the first state in the country with such a law.

From Wisconsin News Radio:

 Virginia's governor vetoed a bill on Monday that would have made the state the first in the country to require that parents be notified if students were assigned readings labeled "sexually explicit."
A mother’s objection to Toni Morrison's novel “Beloved” being taught in her son's classroom helped spur the legislation that would have given parents more control over classroom materials.
“This requirement lacks flexibility and would require the label of ‘sexually explicit’ to apply to an artistic work based on a single scene, without further context,” Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, said in a statement.
The bill passed the Republican-controlled legislature by votes of 77-21 in the House of Delegates and 22-17 in the Senate. That would not be enough to override McAuliffe's veto, which would require a two-thirds vote in each chamber.
The measure would have made Virginia the first U.S. state to mandate that schools notify parents if teachers planned to use the labeled materials, according to the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom.
McAuliffe said the Virginia Board of Education was studying the issue, focusing on existing local policies and potential state policies.

This man has shown that he believes the government owns children -- like what the Nazis or Communists believe.

“This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing"
- Adolf Hitler

"Your child belongs to us already. . . . Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp."
- Adolf Hitler

"The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.

Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty.

But, you will say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social... "
- Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

If there is no right for a parent to protect his/her child from this type of material, there are no parental rights whatsoever.


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