Cultural Marxism -- Myths and Facts

By ResistanceMedia staff writers

April 16, 2016

Cultural Marxism is a systematic ideology which holds that a society's culture must be infiltrated, subverted, and ultimately destroyed in order to create a utopian society. The idea of Cultural Marxism is similar to traditional Marxism-Leninism in that both ideologies seek to create a utopian “classless society” free of all “inequality”, but there are several differences in the two schools of thought. Cultural Marxism sees the obstacle that stands in the way of a utopian society as traditional values and culture, while Marxism-Leninism sees the obstacle as capitalism. In addition, classical Marxism believes in violent revolution as the means to create a communist society, while Cultural Marxism generally emphasizes non-violent subversion and eventual takeover of cultural institutions followed by use of those institutions to spread propaganda.

But there have been numerous myths spread about Cultural Marxism, many of which are intended to discredit people who seek to expose and combat Cultural Marxism. This article is a short listing of the most common myths, as well as a refutation to those myths.

MYTH: Cultural Marxism is a “conspiracy theory”

FACT: The individuals who created Cultural Marxism wrote openly about their aims.

The buzzword “conspiracy theory” is often used to discredit people who believe in various ideas, especially people who are politically conservative. The reason is because when someone thinks of a “conspiracy theory”, they think of ideas such as the belief that the moon landing was faked, various celebrities faked their death, or other - often bizarre - ideas. However, the idea of Cultural Marxism is not an unfounded and speculative “conspiracy theory.” The individuals who created Cultural Marxism referred to their beliefs as “critical theory” and were respected university professors in the 1940s and 1950s. There are numerous academic papers that are available to the public, which detail the ideology and approach of Cultural Marxism.

In addition, Cultural Marxism is not really a “conspiracy” either. There is no central Cultural Marxism Command Center from which adherents are given orders. Cultural Marxism is simply the belief that traditional values and culture are “oppressive” and that in order to achieve “equality”, that culture must be infiltrated, subverted, and destroyed.

MYTH: Belief in and/or opposition to Cultural Marxism is “anti-semitic”

FACT: Opposition to Cultural Marxism does not necessitate hatred for any racial or ethnic group. The group of university professors who created Cultural Marxism were religiously diverse, and by no means were entirely Jewish. Criticism of Cultural Marxism is due to disagreement with the ideology, and is not due to the ethnic or religious makeup of the individuals who created it.

The professors who created the ideology of Cultural Marxism allegedly contained a large proportion of Jews, which has led to allegations by Neo-Nazis that Cultural Marxism is a “Jewish conspiracy”, as well as “reductio ad Hitlerum” arguments by proponents or deniers of Cultural Marxism. While there may have been a larger proportion of Jews in the Institute for Social Research (the university at which Cultural Marxism was founded) than in the general population, that does not mean that it is a Jewish conspiracy. While there were some Jews involved with the creation of the ideology, there were also non-Jews. The reason that I oppose and expose Cultural Marxism is not due to the ethnic or religious makeup of those who created it, but due to the danger that it poses to a free society.

MYTH: Cultural Marxism is simply a racist code word for belief in racial equality. Those who oppose Cultural Marxism are all racists.

FACT: Peace and equality between racial groups is the OPPOSITE of the goals of the Cultural Marxists. In fact, a large component of Cultural Marxism is an effort to deliberately inflame racial tensions and conflict!

A common allegation is that Cultural Marxism is a racist conspiracy. Those false claims stem from the false idea that Cultural Marxism is simply a belief in racial equality. That is a complete misrepresentation of what Cultural Marxism is. Cultural Marxism, as I have explained, is a systematic ideology which emphasizes infiltration, subversion, and ultimate destruction of traditional culture and morality followed by the installation of a Communist society in the ruins.

Racial “equality” has nothing to do with Cultural Marxism. In fact, true racial equality hinders the progress of Cultural Marxism because inflammation of racial and other tensions is a large component of Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism, in fact, is racist. Cultural Marxists in colleges and universities across the US and world teach that whites are responsible for all evil, that “white privilege” is responsible for certain individuals' success in life, and even that blacks or Hispanics are superior to other racial groups (the “black power” movement and “La Raza” are the main purveyors of this notion.)

As you can see, Cultural Marxism is a real – and dangerous – ideology, not a wild “conspiracy theory” or a racist slur. Join the resistance against Cultural Marxism by visiting!


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