Popular "Juvie Three" Book Exposed

By ResistanceMedia staff

April 30, 2016

The book "Juvie Three" is very popular in public schools, especially in Fairfax County. For example, in some middle schools, Juvie Three is one of only two books students read in English class -- including "honors" classes -- all year. 

The book revolves around the adventures of three young criminals, who are serving time in juvenile detention -- one for murder, one for carjacking, and one for breaking and entering. All three are given a "second chance" in an experimental halfway house in New York City. After several weeks in the halfway house, one of the inmates wants to join his "crew" and sneaks out of the halfway house. The leader finds him, and they "get in a fight", which results in the halfway house leader being thrown off a fire escape.

The inmates steal a car to take him to the hospital, leaving him unconscious outside of the hospital. The leader ends up in a psychiatric hospital with amnesia. 

While the halfway house leader (the only employee!) is in the hospital, the inmates steal his computer, lie to the Department of Social Services on the online report, and steal his credit cards and cash. One inmate joins a gang. The rest of the inmates survive on the income from his criminal activities (breaking and entering, theft.) 

One of the inmates breaks into the hospital where the halfway house leader is and pretends to be a volunteer. 

Later, he and his friends break the halfway house leader out of the mental institution, transporting him back to the halfway house in a stolen car. The police chase him, but he is able to elude the police, and drive the stolen car back to the halfway house. Later, a rival gang attacks the halfway house. The police are called and arrest the rival gang, but decide to allow the halfway house inmates to "get away" with ALL of their crimes. 

The "hero" halfway house leader lies to the police and the investigators from the Juvenile Corrections Department in order to save himself and his prisoners. 

In one English class, the teacher made the shocking claim that the message of the book was that "doing the right thing is the right thing to do!"

No, the real message is that serial lying, stealing, and cheating will never be caught, and can actually be a good thing to do. 

Schools need to stop teaching situational ethics NOW!


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