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"Doodle for Google" Honors Black Supremacist, Bin-Laden Sympathizer

May 19, 2016

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On Thursday, Google honored Communist activist Yuri Kochiyama by featuring her on their webpage doodle in celebration of her would-be 95th birthday. Kochiyama died in 2014.  In addition to her support for communism, Kochiyama was a vocal supporter of Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks.  The decision abruptly sparked both praise and controversy across the internet – Kochiyama is an extremely polarizing figure. A WWII internment camp survivor, Kochiyama soon embraced a life of fierce activism, often characterized by violence and hatred for what she called American “greed” and “imperialism.” Kochiyama was a close friend of Malcom X and a prominent figure in the African-American Civil Rights movement, one of the only non-black Black Separatists, in fact. 

But in recent years, she was known for her conversion to Islam and her shocking comments in support of Osama bin Laden after the September 11th…

SCHOOL TYRANNY: Girls Forced Into "Truancy Van" 50 Yards From School

May 15, 2016
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ATLANTA – Parents of two Atlanta Public Schools students are fuming after their daughters were accosted by local transit police and forced into a “truancy van” on their way to school.
Twins Carrie and Colleen Miller attend Grady High School, about 2.5 miles from their house, and the girls and a friend decided to walk to school last Wednesday when a substitute bus driver failed to pick them up, WXIA reports.
When the group was about 50 yards from the school, they were approached by police officers with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Colleen Miller told the news site.
“We were just walking and we see a parked MARTA van, and then a MARTA police stops and two men come out. They said, ‘Can you get in the van?’ And we were like ‘Why?’ but they wouldn’t tell…

Should Schools Be All-Powerful?

"EVERYTHING you say or do ONLINE is subject to SCHOOL DISCIPLINE"
- Scholastic Action Magazine (emphasis added)

Scholastic Corporation, which provides "educational materials" to schools, has been criticized over promoting the "transgender" lifestyle choice to 3rd graders and for promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement (very interesting, since they are a large corporation themselves!) But now, a Scholastic Action magazine which exists in Fairfax County Schools has been discovered which promotes totalitarianism. 

Scholastic Action claims to be the "magazine that gets teens reading", but it really promotes a dangerous totalitarian mindset. In a recent issue of Scholastic Action, in a story about social media, the magazine claimed that "everything you say or do online is subject to school discipline" -- which would make a school all-powerful. 

This is part of a disturbing trend of schools attempting to exercise control over students' per…

Are schools really "drug free?" (Part 1)

Note: This article is part 1 of a 2-part series on drugs in school. This article focuses on illegal drugs in school, while part 2 will focus on "legal" drugs at school (Ritalin, Prozac, etc.)

By ResistanceMedia staff

May 4, 2016

Near the entrance of every school in America, one or more signs proclaim that the school is part of a "Drug Free School Zone." These are largely the result of the Safe and Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act, which provides for increased penalties for drug possession and/or sale while on school grounds. But are these signs even accurate? Are schools really "drug free?"

According to WebMD, drug usage is rapidly increasing on school grounds, with a shocking 32 percent of MIDDLE SCHOOL students (12-13 years old) reporting that drugs are used, sold, and distributed at their school. Overall, only 43% of public school students attend a school which is "drug free" -- making 57% of the ubiquitous yellow "DRUG FREE SCHOOL&qu…