ResistanceMedia Responds to Slanderous Racism Accusations

May 30, 2016

By ResistanceMedia staff

The word "racist" no longer applies to actual beliefs of racial superiority or inferiority. Now, it is simply an insult which people use against other people because they don't like them. For example, people who disagree with the policies of Donald Trump call him "racist" -- when there is no evidence that he believes that certain races are superior to others. 

Enemies of ResistanceMedia and enemies of its founder claim that ResistanceMedia is "racist" -- just because they don't like ResistanceMedia and/or its founder. The ResistanceMedia founder was recently approached by other students at his school and asked "aren't you racist?" Other students called the founder a "Neo-Nazi" and "KKK member."

These slanderous rumors have been exacerbated by dishonest school administrators and students falsely claiming that the ResistanceMedia founder distributed "Neo-Nazi" flyers which "contained swastikas." That false rumor is based off an incident in January 2016 when ResistanceMedia distributed flyers which compared growing censorship of opposition to the homosexual agenda to censorship of opposition to the Nazi regime. 

If ResistanceMedia was a major media network which made millions of dollars per year, the individuals responsible for this slander would be very sorry for their activities -- to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. 

ResistanceMedia is not racist, and I challenge any person who thinks that we are racist to find one single article which expresses "racist" views. 


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