New FCPS "Student Responsibilities" Regulation Could Be Worse than Imagined

June 23, 2016

New FCPS "Student Responsibilities" Regulation Could Be Worse than Imagined, School Board Member Exposes Policy as Threat to Free Speech

On June 9, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) school board voted 10-2 to force Fairfax County Public Schools students to sign a document declaring their support for "transgender rights." However, the totalitarian new policy may go even further than that, as a sitting school board member (Elizabeth Schultz of Springfield) has publicly stated that the new policy could lead to expulsions as a result of online or other speech criticizing the transgender ideology. 

Recently, national political news website ran an expose which included quotes from sitting school board member Elizabeth Schultz which expose the threat that this policy poses to student free speech. 

The article appears below (emphasis added by ResistanceMedia):

Youths in Fairfax County, Virginia, can now be disciplined and even expelled from school for criticizing the intrusive and aggressive transgender ideology.

The transgender change in school regulations was imposed last night during a dramatic board meeting where only 12 pro-trans witnesses were invited to testify.