Recall Fairfax School Board Member Ryan McElveen

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

By ResistanceMedia staff

Communist FCPS School Board Member Ryan McElveen
On June 9, the Fairfax School Board voted to not only fully implement the new "Gender identity" policy, but also to include it in their "Student Rights and Responsibilities" handbook and to FORCE STUDENTS TO SIGN THEIR AGREEMENT TO THE POLICY IN ORDER TO BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND SCHOOL. The school board member who was largely responsible for this whole issue, not just the policy but the dishonest and corrupt way it was implemented, is at-large school board member Ryan McElveen. 

This recent incident, where the policy "update" was introduced, voted on, and approved without any chance for members of the public to present their views, is not the first time that Ryan McElveen has behaved unacceptably. 

When public officials overstep their electoral mandate and begin behaving in a manner unacceptable to the public, a recall election is an option. If citizens collect enough recall petition signatures, the Circuit Court will order that a recall election be held. If the official loses the election, he/she is immediately removed from office, irrespective of when his/her term ends. 

Below are four reasons why a recall election needs to be held in order to remove Ryan McElveen from the Fairfax School Board. 

1. On April 29, 2016, Mr. McElveen signed a letter addressed to the Virginia High School League, which requested that VHSL no longer use Christian college Liberty University as a venue for events. The main stated reason was because the college's director endorsed Donald Trump, and because of his support for gun rights. This kind of political and religious bullying is completely unacceptable. 

2. Ryan McElveen supported three high school debate teams in their boycott of Liberty University due to the reasons mentioned above. The high school debate teams were undefeated, and heavily favored to win. Ryan McElveen's political pressure is responsible for the loss of publicity for the Fairfax County debate teams, for the loss of the college scholarships and cash prizes at stake, and for the loss of a memorable experience for the students involved in the teams. 

3. Ryan McElveen is responsible for ramming through the controversial "transgender" policy through the Fairfax School Board without proper debate (in May 2015). While it is not necessarily wrong for Mr. McElveen to publicly advocate for his personal beliefs, it is unethical to use political tricks to force his policies through the school board. 

In addition, recall elections are not necessarily used solely when a public official has involved themselves in illegal activities. Recall elections exist for situations where a public official no longer has public support for his/her policies. While Fairfax may be considered a relatively liberal area, the type of gender radicalism that Mr. McElveen promotes is still not supported by the majority of his constituents, especially people who have school-age children. 

4. Ryan McElveen voted for the recent policy change which included "transgender rights" in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and required students to sign that they agreed to the policy in order to be allowed to attend school. This totalitarian policy is completely contradictory to our Constitutional guarantees of freedom of conscience and expression. I believe that mass civil disobedience is necessary if this policy is not rescinded soon. Students should NOT SIGN the "SR+R" document if this policy remains included. 

This policy is not the same as the "transgender" policy approved and implemented in May 2015. This policy goes far beyond the misguided idea that individuals can change their gender and have their "change" officially recognized. This policy includes the idea of transgenderism in the handbook distributed to all students, including elementary school students, and forces students and parents to sign their agreement to the policy.