ResistanceMedia Poll: Should Schools Be Able To Censor Student Online Speech?

Recently, controversy has arisen over aggressive school monitoring and censorship of their students' online speech, through blogs, social networks, forums, and other 

UPDATE: several individuals have mentioned "sexting", harassment, and other actions that are illegal. This poll is NOT referring to illegal activities. If you believe that public school students can be punished for online speech, but only if it is illegal, please vote a flat NO. 

Now until July 21, 2016, vote in the ResistanceMedia poll on this important issue! 


  1. Free speech protects the speech people don't like. Nobody has a problem with things they agree with. Free speech MUST be protected.

  2. Wait, you want an informed opinion without defining the terminology?
    Where is the article providing a framework for this discussion?

    Sorry, this poll is useless without more detail.

    While I do not trust the thought police of our public schools I also know that some "Children" are close to being feral animals.
    Particularly when allowed to act remotely over cell phones, Twitter, etc.
    Their pack mentalities can quickly get beyond their control or original intent, the resulting crimes make great fodder for tabloid journalism!
    At the same time the majority who do not get carried away with petty jealousy, "Sexting", etc, remain unrecognized as they provide no scandal to exploit.

    1. The articles providing "framework" for the discussion are here:

      The reason I set this poll up was because of the Fairfax County School Board passing a regulation which would allow schools to expel students for criticizing "transgender rights", including online.

      Obviously, I was not referring to activities which are already ILLEGAL such as "sexting" and harassment.

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