Ryan McElveen -- the Supreme Cosmic Emperor of Fairfax

Ryan McElveen -- The Supreme Cosmic Emperor of Fairfax County

By ResistanceMedia staff

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On December 9, 2013, a snowstorm affected Fairfax County. The snow accumulated around 2-4 inches, which meant that the decision from the school board regarding a snow day could go either way. That afternoon, Ryan McElveen and the other school board members met to decide whether or not to close school the following day. At approximately 5:30 pm, the board made their decision. Ryan McElveen announced the school board's decision at 5:47 pm, before the official announcement was made. 20 minutes later, the school board made their official announcement over Twitter. 

For this single act, students immediately fell to the ground before their great emperor, distributing ridiculous edited images comparing the corrupt school board member to Jesus, a professional boxing champion, Superman, and Barack Obama (although the last comparison is hardly a compliment!)

A bizarre depiction of corrupt establishment school board member Ryan McElveen "knocking out" the FCPS establishment. 

Idolatry: Jesus Christ's face replaced with Ryan McElveen

The only accurate depiction of McElveen in this article: Ryan McElveen compared to Barack Obama (this should NOT be a compliment.)

Ryan McElveen depicted as comic book hero Superman.

Ryan McElveen depicted as Santa Claus .
Ryan McElveen on Mount Rushmore. 

Another ridiculous comparison of Lyin' Ryan McElveen to Superman.  

Crooked school board member Ryan McElveen compared to a war hero. 

Another blasphemous depiction of Ryan McElveen in the place of Jesus Christ.
RECALL RYAN MCELVEEN NOW! (ResistanceMedia article from yesterday explaining why)


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