Common Sense Reform for FCPS -- the Citizens' Petition

What can we do to reform Fairfax County Public Schools? There is certainly a lot to do! This is a list of 11 reforms which would decimate the entrenched FCPS Mafia, promote greater parent involvement, and protect Constitutional principles. 


All readers of ResistanceMedia are IMPLORED to contact the FCPS school board and send them a link to this article with a message about how these reforms are needed. A referendum on these reforms is needed, and we will be considering a campaign to put some of these reforms on the ballot in an upcoming referendum. 

By clicking this link, you will be able to fill out the form to contact the school board. Please select "School Board All", or the member of your choice. 


We are also creating a petition on about this issue. This is the link:

1. Drastically shorten the length of terms for school board members, and institute term limits for school board members. From now on, school board elections should be held yearly, or at the very least, every two years. Limit school board members to two terms for a total of four years or less on the school board. 

2. Set aside three to five slots on the school board for parents who currently enroll their children in FCPS. This could be accomplished by adding members, reducing or eliminating the number of at-large members, consolidating districts, or any combination of the three. 

3. Stop promoting lifestyles which are antithetical to the values that most parents hold and try to instill in their children. This includes homosexuality and transgenderism. We do not hate individuals who engage in those lifestyles, but it is not the role of the government schools to indoctrinate children to accept such lifestyles. 

4. Protect free speech both inside and outside of school. As the courts have recognized repeatedly, students have a right to engage in political speech during non-educational time at school. This includes speech critical of the school administration, or speech critical of the latest social justice movement. Immediately rescind any policies which unjustifiably limit free speech, such as the policy approved June 9, 2016 that authorizes suspension or expulsion for students who criticize transgender ideology, inside or outside of school. 

5. Increase recess times in elementary and middle schools without increasing the length of the school day. Many elementary school students are crammed into windowless classrooms for hours on end without even a breath of fresh air. When they are understandably restless and irritable, the public school establishment's solution is, in many cases, psychiatric drugs! That is ridiculous! Public schools waste endless hours on "sustained stamina" reading programs which view families as a "distraction", worthless school counseling, and pointless assemblies and announcements. If recess was increased, discipline issues would become less frequent, and therefore the remaining "educational" time would be more productive. 

6. Abolish non-educational school counseling, at least without written parental consent. The "default setting", so to speak, for students should be NO SCHOOL COUNSELING. School counselors often undermine parents, promote harmful lifestyles, and are co-belligerents in the so-called "war on boys" by operating ridiculous "feelings circles" obviously aimed at females. 

7. Fully recognize the legal and moral right of self-defense from violent bullies, including the Stand Your Ground doctrine. Victims of violent bullying should not be required by out-of-touch school administrators to passively submit to their tormentors or face punishment. In fact, such policies are unconstitutional, violations of the 5th, 9th, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, as well as hundreds of years of common law tradition. 

8. Remove all sexually explicit, gratuitously violent, or religiously blasphemous books from school libraries. Any "literary" or "artistic" value that these books supposedly have is outweighed by the negative material in them. School computers are programmed to filter sexual or violent content, yet in school libraries, inappropriate (a VERY mild term) materials run rampant. 

9. Make ALL sexual education lessons "opt-in" ONLY. Require parents to return a signed form in order for their children to be allowed to participate in sexual education. If parents do not return the form, students should be allowed to return to their normal classes, not warehoused in a library filling out endless worksheets. 

10. Reform biology textbooks and other class materials to present a far more balanced perspective on the topic of evolution. Require class materials to include all major theories about the origin of life, and require that they cover each theory in an unbiased, factual way.

11. Rescind all policies currently in existence which allow individuals to access private facilities based on their "gender identity." Biological males should use boys' facilities. Biological females should use girls' facilities. If a student's parents provide the school a notarized letter in which the student affirms that entering private facilities consistent with his or her biological gender has led to repeated, serious, bullying (not occasional taunts or jokes), the student should be allowed to use a private, single-stall facility such as a restroom designated for teachers. 


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