Poll Results: Citizens Overwhelmingly Reject School Internet Censorship

From June 30 to July 21, 2016, ResistanceMedia.org conducted a poll which asked readers if they supported school censorship of internet speech. There were three options in the poll:

  • No! Under no circumstances may schools interfere with online free speech. (Support: 84%)
  • In extreme situations, online speech may be penalized by schools, but the power must be heavily restricted by school policy and law. (Support: 12%)
  • Yes, schools have a responsibility to shape students' beliefs and values - and that includes penalizing students for "undesirable" online speech. (Support: 2%)
  • Other views (Support: 2%)

This shows that citizens overwhelmingly reject the censorship that "Lyin" Ryan McElveen and "Korrupt" Karen Garza have proposed. 


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