It's time to PROTEST school tyranny

NOTE: The majority of this information is out of date as of July 12, 2016. FCPS canceled their transgender vote late last night. They have not set a new date for the vote. 

On Thursday, July 14, the Fairfax County School Board will discuss the new transgender "guidelines" which will go into effect in fall 2016. The "guidelines" include language which could eviscerate free speech for FCPS students, both in and out of school. It also opens up private facilities such as restrooms, showers, and locker rooms to anyone, regardless of biological gender, as long as the person claims to "identify" with the gender that the facility serves. 

The hearing is at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Virginia.

The address is 3020 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042.

To register to speak at the school board meeting, visit this link. According to the official FCPS website, registration opens at 6:00 AM on Monday, July 11 and closes at 4:30 PM on Wednesday, July 13. 

The corrupt Fairfax County school board is known to rig the sign-up list, so it may be a good idea to take a screencast of you signing up (use or record your sign-up in some other way.