Impeach Terry McAullife

The citizens of Virginia must, through their representatives, impeach and remove Governor Terry McAullife as soon as possible. Here's why:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced recently that he would bypass the Virginia Supreme Court and illegally sign 12,000 separate clemency petitions (without individually reviewing the circumstances of each petition) in order to allow felons to vote in Virginia. This move is obviously politically motivated, coming less than 4 months before a major presidential election -- in which Virginia is a major swing state. 

Terry McAullife has repeatedly admitted that he is a personal friend of Hillary Clinton. It is definitely reasonable to believe that Terry McAullife made these decisions as a political favor -- or, possibly, because a little money changed hands.

Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton kiss at a campaign event in Virginia (Getty Images)
Donald Trump advertises himself as "the law and order candidate", a message obviously not attractive to felons. This move would definitely favor Hillary Clinton in 2016, and probably result in a Clinton victory in Virginia. 

In addition, Terry McAullife vetoed a bill which would allow parents to block schools from providing their children with sexually explicit books. This proved that he is a totalitarian elitist. 

ResistanceMedia urges the General Assembly and Virginia Senate to consider beginning impeachment proceedings against Terry McAullife for his collusion with Hillary Clinton, and his disregard for the rights of Virginia parents. 

We also urge readers to use this tool to discover the name and contact information of "their" state legislator and repeatedly contact them about this issue.