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FCPS Erases All FLE, Youth Survey Opt-Out Forms from Website

The new FCPS website. 

Parents in Fairfax County can no longer opt their children out of Family Life Education (a euphemism for sex education) or the annual Youth Survey. All links to opt-out forms for FLE or the Youth Survey are redirected to the home page or a 404 error. 

Recently, Fairfax County Public Schools released a new website. Karen Garza, superintendent of schools, claimed that the previous website was "no longer meeting [parents' and students'] needs" and that the new website provides a "wide range of information" in a "clear, accessible, and user-friendly way."

But, that "wide range of information" no longer includes any way to opt out of FCPS' massive data collection and inappropriate sex education. The new FCPS website does contain a printable "opt-out packet", but that packet only includes opt-outs for school counseling, military recruiting, and commercial release. All forms related to sex education or the Youth Survey have disappeared from the website.

No information at all is provided about the FCPS Youth Survey. The old page about the survey is redirected to a 404 error, and it is also impossible to find any page about the Youth Survey by searching the website.

Is Fairfax County attempting to shut parents out of information about what they are really doing? It sure looks like it. Try these links, and see what happens!

This recent development only strengthens the case that I made in an August 19 article -- If you are a parent, keep your kids home from school on the day that the survey is to be conducted. Opt out forms are NOT always respected, and this year, they may not even exist.

But this year is different. Parents, students, and concerned citizens in Fairfax County are beginning to realize the true motives and agendas behind the Fairfax school board. Homeschooling rates have nearly doubled in Virginia, and in the past year, several different websites, including, have been created to keep the Fairfax school board, and larger public school establishment, accountable.


  1. all I want to ask remains "who empowered THEM " to have this degree of authority ?
    this is how the abuse of alleged authority continues and expands.
    I know there is a legal/ latin words for this and people have attempted to present their case in courts and obviously have had no success.
    SERIOUSLY, who empowered them and how is this legal and lawful under the Constitution of the United States.

  2. Wake up, America!

  3. The redirects did not work, that is all. Want FLE information, login to your parent account.

    1. Not true. I'm in my SIS parent VUE account and there is NO FLE information or opt out forms. The new page on the Youth Survey does NOT include any opt-out forms whatsoever.

      FCPS is deliberately hiding information from parents... and you are probably a paid shill for FCPS. Or you are ignorant. Either way, if this was some liberal site, you would be IP banned. But I care about free and open communication, so I will keep your comment...



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