Federal Judge Slaps Down Obama Transgender "Directive"

In a major blow to the claims of school board member Ryan McElveen and others that Barack Obama's recent directive to schools constitutes "the law", a federal judge ruled today to block the "directive", and stated that such public policy questions must be decided by elected public officials, not Department of Education bureaucrats. The judge granted a preliminary injunction, which the Obama administration is expected to appeal. 

From Breitbart.com:

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids any employer from discriminating on the basis of sex. In 1972, Congress added Title IX, requiring all schools receiving federal funds—which includes every public school nationwide—to provide separate facilities of equal quality for both male and female students.

On May 13, 2016, the Obama administration’s Department of Education sent a letter to every school system in America, informing them that regulations implementing Title IX require all schools to allow all children and adults to use whichever bathroom and shower facilities they choose to identify with, regardless of whether that gender identity is the same as their biological sex. This corresponded with other federal pronouncements reiterating that all employers are subject to this same requirement under Title VII.

As an example, this means that when a 14-year-old high school freshman girl goes to the girls’ locker room to shower, an 18-year-old boy (now an adult) who is a senior at that school has the legal right to use the shower right next to her while she’s showering, so long as he says he’s identifying as a female on that particular day. (One of the new gender categories is “gender fluid,” meaning that a person can change gender identities from day to day.)

The administration has specified that requiring biological boys or men to use separate facilities, or to use the same facility at a different time of day than when females are using them, would be illegal discrimination.


  1. If an 18 year old "transgender" person had to shower in public, I guarantee they wouldn't do it in front of anyone. A REAL transgender person just wants to be comfortable. A perverted 18 year old wants to shower next to a 14 year old girl. You can clearly see a difference between a transgender female/male compared to a boy in a dress. Get a clue you small, narrow minded fucks. Instead of worrying about what bathroom a person uses maybe you should do something useful.


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