Trump holds 'YUGE' rally in Ashburn (PICTURES, VIDEO AND AUDIO)

Today, at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia, Donald Trump held a rally. ResistanceMedia was granted press credentials to cover the event -- and we did much more than simply videotaping Trump's speech. ants of "Lock her up" from the press area!)

Outside the high school, a small group of protesters, about half of which were school-age children, waved anti-Trump signs with slogans ranging from "Trump is Mean!" to "Trump is a Fascist!" to "[expletive] Donald Trump!"

Many of the anti-Trump protesters showed support for socialist failure Bernie Sanders, including the protester who carried the "Trump is a Fascist!" sign.

There was, as Trump would say, a "tremendous" line to enter the rally. There must have been thousands of Trump supporters who were turned away from the rally because of how long the line stretched, and because of the small capacity of the venue.

An estimation of the line to enter the Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia on August 2 2016 (Photo courtesy of Google)

Trump's obviously unscripted speech covered issues such as illegal immigration, terrorism, the economy, and trade. Trump also lashed out at corrupt Virginia Governor Terry McAullife, and the crowd (including myself) responded with boos and shouts of "Impeach him!" and "Lock him up!" 

A large proportion of Trump supporters who came to the rally were kids of various ages, many of which had creative signs and buttons. This individual who prefers to remain anonymous allowed me to take his picture for 

Notice his "Hillary's Lies Matter" button.

Other Trump supporters carried "Hillary for Prison" signs, which were distributed outside the rally to Trump supporters who were waiting to enter. 

After the rally, we decided to confront the anti-Trump protesters. There will be video and/or audio of these interviews coming soon on our website or Youtube channel. 

We are definitely looking forward to any future Trump campaign stops in Northern Virginia!

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