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FCPS Uses Sexually Suggestive Images to Convince Students ... Not to Send Sexually Suggestive Images!

A newly released photo, taken by a FCPS student and sent to, shows a poster in a Fairfax school that warns of the consequences of "sexting", or sending sexual images through text messages. The photo of the poster appears below:

Notice the image of a girl with a cell phone, posing suggestively. 

The poster warns that "sending sexually explicit photos by cell phone, computer, or any electronic device may be a felony." However, if that model in the poster is under 18, it may be FCPS who is committing a felony. Disseminating sexual images of children is considered a felony in Virginia and can result in mandatory registration on the state sex offender list, according to Should Karen Garza be a registered sex offender? 

This development is actually only one of many of the FCPS establishment's actions that have resulted in sexually graphic materials running rampant in Fairfax schools. Here are a few of the FCPS establishment's most recent scandals involving inappropriate materials being promoted and/or displayed in school:

Fairfax County Public Schools has no respect for the rights of parents or students. It's the simple truth. Recently, under the guise of a "redone website", FCPS eliminated the opt out forms related to the annual Youth Survey and hid the opt out forms for Family Life Education. 

In the next couple of days, ResistanceMedia will be releasing a comprehensive, downloadable, and editable opt-out letter template for parents to download, print out, and send or hand deliver to their child's school in order to opt out of all programs that they do not wish their child to participate in. We will also include a letter template for FCPS students who want to opt-out of undesired school programs. 

The only solution is to vote out the entire school board, except the two school board members who have fought this destructive agenda: Elizabeth Schultz and Jeanette Hough. Thomas Wilson is a "moderate" member who voted for the JEB Stuart political correctness crusade, but voted correctly on the transgender issue. All other members must be voted out or removed through impeachment or recall.


  1. Sorry, but I just don't notice the image of a girl with a cell phone, posing suggestively. Maybe you're somewhat easily suggestivized. Are you Bill Clinton?

    1. Let's see:

      The girls butt is sticking out.

      You can clearly see her breast in the top right.

      And she is pulling out a cell phone. Sine this is about "sexting" then what I imagine is that her pants are pulled down or unzipped on the other side.

      Seriously I think you need to zoom in and look more closely!

  2. And this is displayed in Middle School. Just something to add...


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