Do Not Sign The FCPS SRR Letter!

Yesterday, Fairfax School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, on WMAL, urged parents to refuse to sign the annual "Student Rights and Responsibilities" document and to opt out of school programs such as "Family Life Education" and the annual Youth Survey.

Schultz mentioned that she wrote "declined to sign" on her own children's SR&R packets, and that she has been working with the FCPS superintendent to ensure that no repercussions whatsoever can be enforced against parents for refusing to sign the SR&R.

If Fairfax attempted to retaliate against parents who refused to sign the SR&R, the legal and media backlash would be immense, and FCPS could lose several millions of dollars in court for violating parental rights and abusing power. Parental rights have been repeatedly upheld as fundamental in the Supreme Court (however, we still need a Parental Rights Amendment because legal tides can turn very quickly!)

The SR&R contains language which will likely result in school punishment for "harassment" or "discrimination" against students who criticize transgender ideology, even online, outside of school. By signing the SR&R, parents are giving implied permission for the destruction of their parental rights, and their children's free speech. Also, parents are allowing FCPS to continue "business as usual" after their terrible, corrupt, and anti-parent activities over the past year or so.

Parents (and students) must NOT sign the FCPS SR&R. A message MUST be sent to the FCPS establishment that their tyrannical actions cannot continue. will release a comprehensive list of opt-out letter templates for parents to send to FCPS. We also advocate that on the dates of school programs like the Youth Survey, parents keep their children home from school, because opt-out letters or forms may not be respected. ResistanceMedia editors know from personal experience.