Karen Garza to Preside Over Pro-Common Core Group

Karen Garza, who recently resigned as Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in Virginia, allegedly left FCPS for a position as president and CEO of Battelle for Kids, a "nonprofit" group that sells educational training to teachers. Garza will make approximately $360,000 per year. 

Battelle for Kids received $250,000 in July of 2013 from the globalist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to "support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards." This is ironic as Virginia is one of the only states to have never adopted the Common Core Standards. Many other states, after seeing the disaster that Common Core really was, ended up dumping the standards, but this was only after previously adopting them. 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was the driving force behind the creation of Common Core, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to force centralized education down America's throat.  

From the Washington Post: (which appears to be in awe of the Foundation's corrupt astroturf operation) 
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation didn’t just bankroll the development of what became known as the Common Core State Standards. With more than $200 million, the foundation also built political support across the country, persuading state governments to make systemic and costly changes. 
The Gates Foundation spread money across the political spectrum, to entities including the big teachers unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, and business organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — groups that have clashed in the past but became vocal backers of the standards.

Money flowed to policy groups on the right and left, funding research by scholars of varying political persuasions who promoted the idea of common standards. Liberals at the Center for American Progress and conservatives affiliated with the American Legislative Exchange Council who routinely disagree on nearly every issue accepted Gates money and found common ground on the Common Core.

One 2009 study, conducted by the "conservative" Thomas B. Fordham Institute with a $959,116 Gates grant, described the proposed standards as being “very, very strong” and “clearly superior” to many existing state standards.

Gates money went to state and local groups, as well, to help influence policymakers and civic leaders. And the idea found a major booster in President Obama, whose new administration was populated by former Gates Foundation staffers and associates. The administration designed a special contest (think it's called "bribery") using economic stimulus funds to reward states that accepted the standards. 
The result was astounding: Within just two years of the 2008 Seattle meeting, 45 states and the District of Columbia had fully adopted the Common Core State Standards. (of course, Common Core collapsed in the year following when the article was written)

Please note that anything in bold is my commentary.  


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