Ryan McElveen's Social Justice Hypocrisy

Ryan McElveen has long been considered a "social justice warrior." In fact, he is even listed on sjwlist.com, which is a website that lists individuals that are "on the record supporting ... government censorship" in the name of social justice. This website emerged as a response to the radical left's attempts to shut down critics through public shaming, slander, and harassment.

McElveen has introduced several measures, including but not limited to FCPS' seminal gender-identity policy, that allegedly protect the rights of "LGBT" Fairfax County students.

But does McElveen practice what he preaches?

As this website recently reported, Ryan McElveen has been employed at high-level positions by both the Clinton Foundation and the Brookings Institution, both of which receive millions of dollars per year from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other nations in the Islamic world.

Qatar, a major donor to McElveen's Brookings Institution, prescribes the death penalty for homosexual activity if committed by Muslims. For non-Muslims (who are repressed severely whether or not they are homosexual), the penalty is seven years in prison.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Ryan McElveen, who directed communications for the Clinton Foundation, worked for (and still brags about it) an organization that has raised anywhere between $10 and $25 million from the government of Saudi Arabia, as well as another $1 million from the group "Friends of Saudi Arabia", an organization co-founded by a Saudi prince.

This is a country that not only imprisons homosexuals like Qatar does, but executes them under an even more radical version of Sharia Law than the interpretation that Qatar uses. In fact, 35 homosexuals could be executed in Saudi Arabia in 2016, if prosecutors have their way, which, of course, they will.

It is clear that McElveen is a hypocrite on the issue of "homosexual rights." But what about women's rights?

On September 21, 2014, Ryan McElveen posted on his Twitter account that he is "proud to be a feminist ... Feminism isn't man-hating; it's treating women as equals."
WOW! Ryan McElveen supports "treating women as equals!" Then, why does he willingly associate himself with groups funded by nations that treat women like this:

It is mandatory in Saudi Arabia for women to wear an abaya and hijab, or a burka in public.
Failure to abide by the Saudi dress code can result in fines of around $250.
 In Saudi Arabia, women cannot:

Of course, this is only a partial list. But it exposes what Ryan McElveen truly is: an opportunist who latches on to whatever benefits him, without regard for his core "principles." I would respect McElveen more if he actually followed his "principles", flawed and dangerous as they are, in all aspects of his life. 

But Ryan McElveen will only continue down his corrupt, dangerous, and hypocritical path, unless we stop him. That's why ResistanceMedia is calling for Fairfax citizens to distribute recall petitions, which if enough signatures are gathered, will result in a special election to replace McElveen. If there is no recall election, McElveen will be allowed to continue his ways indefinitely. Or at least until 2019.