Hillary Campaign Blames Trump For School Bullying

Recently, "Crooked" Hillary Clinton, probably in an attempt to defray the recent impacts of the recent scandal where she "lost" (destroyed) 13 different cell phones, and ordered her husband's aide to destroy two with a hammer, released an article on her "feed" which claimed that "Trump's hateful rhetoric is having a heartbreaking impact on students."

Crooked Hillary's website states that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal activist group posing as a civil rights organization, surveyed teachers across America and that the teachers reported that "students, particularly Muslims and [illegal] immigrant students, are worried about ... the election."

According to one teacher, a 4th grade student is worried that he will be required to wear a microchip identifying him as Muslim. Other students allegedly fear a return to slavery. The group reports that some "native-born African-American students worry that they will be sent back to Africa."

Of course, Donald Trump has never proposed any of this.

But let's take a look at the original report.

First of all, this survey is in no way a scientific poll. It was conducted as an online poll of readers of Teaching Tolerance, a far-left magazine for (liberal) teachers which boasts headlines such as "A Teachable Moment on Gender Fluidity", "Celebrate LGBT Pride Month", "The Value of GSA [gay-straight-alliance] Day", "The Singular They", and "Reconsidering Columbus Day."

Secondly, some of these liberal teachers' definition of "bullying" is flat-out ridiculous. When asked if they have "have witnessed bullying or biased language at your school", one teacher responded that "I personally heard someone say that Cruz has some good ideas." Oh, the horror!

If the teachers' names were released, this would be a very helpful tool to weed out teachers who need to be fired. A history teacher admitted to using his/her class to discuss 'the rise of Nazism and the Trump and Cruz campaigns." A second teacher made the racist statement that "The population I teach is 99% white.... they are pro-Trump.... God help us." And a teacher confessed to assuring their students that Trump would never be elected.

A clueless "educator" told Teaching Tolerance, "I am scared to talk about the biggest election in the US because my students think they are going to be shipped somewhere or forced into a concentration camp. How am I supposed to respond to that?" Also, another teacher advocated that the Department of Justice suppress Trump supporters. Wow, I thought Trump was a fascist Neo-Nazi!

How about telling the students "Trump has not proposed concentration camps. Don't believe everything you read or hear, and above all, listen to Trump himself and see what you think about it" and leaving it at that

But someone else, perhaps a student who has had enough with the constant school propaganda responded with this:

"Is there a preconceived answer to go with the questions? The anti-Muslim is due to the slaughtering of innocents, not the election. The liberals at our school have come unhinged and are trying to shut down free speech."

In addition, the group that this report is coming from is hardly credible. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists conservative groups that oppose same-sex marriage and the transgender agenda right next to organizations such as the Aryan Terror Brigade, KKK, and Confederate Hammerskins. It was the motivation for an attempted mass shooting at the Family Research Council building in Washington, DC. 

The "$PLC" possesses $256,000,000 in unspent funds, and its leaders receive salaries of almost $350,000 per year, yet they still send breathless fundraising letters warning of all but a second Holocaust if the evil conservative Christians who oppose same-sex marriage are not stopped. Many of the organizations that this group lists as "hate groups" cannot be independently verified to even exist. 

Christian News Wire reports that this organization...

1) Engages in dubious fund-raising. A recent audit disclosed that SPLC spent 89 percent of its total income on fund-raising and administrative costs. Unknown to most donors, the tax-exempt SPLC flunked an audit by the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.

2) The Alabama-based organization recklessly attacks principled opponents of their agenda as "racists." Targets have included: The American Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Eagle Forum, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, and even the blockbuster film, "Lord of the Rings."

3) The SPLC is ideologically aligned with cultural Marxists and far-left militants, such as Weather Underground terror-bomber Bill Ayers, who is described by the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" project as merely a "civil rights organizer ... teacher and author."

These claims are all verified in a 100-page report, unlike the Southern Poverty Law Center's unfounded claims.

But even without all this information that proves that the "$PLC" is a complete fraud, it is still clear that they are in no way "nonpartisan." The basic fact that they would allow Hillary Clinton's campaign to republish their report (that bashes Donald Trump) proves that fact.

The media and political establishment are terrified of Trump. After an extremely successful immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump's poll numbers have been consistently rising over the past two weeks, and so Crooked Hillary's campaign is desperate. Therefore, they repost an old report from their corrupt friends at the SPLC.

Remember, do not believe their lies and propaganda.

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