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Victory In Prince William County as Board Votes to Indefinitely Delay Transgender Policy

After an epic school board meeting in Manassas, Virginia, that included over 100 citizen speakers who flooded the school board to express opposition, the Prince William County School Board voted 5-1, with chairman Ryan Sawyers as the only no vote, to postpone a vote on proposed changes to the non-discrimination policy. The changes, as several speakers pointed out, could lead to the creation of "speech codes", as well as the suspension or expulsion of students who use the wrong "pronoun" for other students or teachers. Please understand that the word "pronoun" does not simply include "he" or "she". It includes a litany of invented terms ranging from "xir" to "ze".

The conservative Brentsville district, which includes large portions of western and southwestern Prince William County, was completely disenfranchised during the meeting. The Brentsville school board representative was called to active duty in the Navy in July 2016, and chair Ryan Sawyers failed to appoint a replacement member to represent Brentsville.
That travesty resulted in dozens of Brentsville residents showing up to speak, most of them pointing out the complete injustice of holding a vote without representation of the Brentsville District.

If the victims were not overwhelmingly white conservatives, liberals would refer to this as "voter suppression." But as one 10-year-old boy who spoke at the meeting pointed out, liberals' concern for "equal rights" and "safe-spaces" only applies to minorities who liberals such as Ryan Sawyers can use for political gain.

Some voters are more equal than others.

But, probably more concerned about the political and legal consequences than the moral ethics of this policy or the danger posed to young children, the board ended up voting 5-1 to basically kill this policy, as Fairfax has practically no chance in the conservative-leaning Virginia Supreme Court. By the way, if Brentsville had been represented properly, it would have been 6-1.

This was a result of the massive pressure placed on the school board by hundreds of citizens who showed up at the meeting, like the 15-year-old Nokesville resident who gathered 2,000 signatures in opposition to the nondiscrimination change, or the 10-year-old who explained that school bullying is a real problem, but most victims are straight, white, and male, and more policies will do nothing to prevent it.

From ResistanceMedia and all of my readers:

THANK YOU, Prince William citizens for doing your duty and forcing your representatives to represent YOU!


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