Annandale High School Newspaper: "Make America Great Again" is "Inherently Racist"

Today, the "A-Blast", Annandale High School's student newspaper, ran a story that stated that Donald Trump's signature campaign slogan is "inherently racist." Written by Serene Ghul, the arts editor for the Blast, the post makes a plethora of unsourced, spurious, and borderline libelous claims about Donald Trump.

"In fact, Donald Trump’s slogan is strangely related to the ideas and words of the Ku Klux Klan." 
"Donald Trump wants to make America great again by going back to the way it was before. And by “before,” he means half a century ago, when caucasians held all the power." 
"Trump’s version of a great America is one where there are no immigrants, women are treated poorly, and being in power means being white."

When did Donald Trump say any of this?

The "journalist" then went on to state that America should NOT be great.

"Choosing to make America great again will only create a larger barrier between the people of this country and continue to split us further and further until we are no longer united."

This propagandistic publication has also accused critics of football player Colin Kaepernick of defending "racial oppression", and claimed that criticism of Kaepernick is motivated by "extreme nationalism" that can "quickly get out of hand."

On top of that, it has argued for explicit discrimination against white applicants for FCPS teaching positions, as well as called for millions of tax dollars to be spent in a "diversification" of the FCPS workforce - including sending taxpayer-funded recruiters to "border states" where they would actively recruit Hispanic teachers at the detriment of other racial groups. Of course, this is prohibited by federal law.

And when it comes to Trump, the Blast published a piece in February 2016 that called Trump a "megalomaniac" and explicitly compared him to Adolf Hitler.

So it is very clear that this paper is a social-justice warrior (SJW) outlet that is obsessed with race. When glancing over several pages of editorials on the Blast's website, I noticed a glaring fact. In the first five pages of editorials, there were zero conservative, libertarian, moderate, or any other voices other than the voices of far-left social justice advocates.

Are there no Annandale students who are conservatives?

Or, are the teachers who operate this publication not allowing any other views to be expressed through the Blast?

The second scenario seems more likely.

School administrators have been censoring and puppeteering "student press" for as long as we can imagine. Especially in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia, the press - both "student-run" and otherwise - has served as a propaganda outlet for the public school establishment. Ryan McElveen, a corrupt, obnoxious school board member with connections to both the Clinton Foundation and Arab governments, is treated as a god (literally) for releasing news of a snow day 15 minutes before the official announcement. The expensive Cultural Marxist push to rename J.E.B. Stuart High School has its own PR firm in the "student-run" press of Northern Virginia, and you may as well be reading from the NoVA Pride website when viewing coverage of the Fairfax transgender issue.

This is the third Northern Virginia student newspaper that ResistanceMedia has exposed. ResistanceMedia is the voice for students, in Northern Virginia and beyond, who are disgusted with the level of coverage in their school's "student-run" newspapers.


  1. America the great is fading away. Goodbye, you will be missed

  2. Bill Clinton vowed to ‘make America great again’ in 1992, now slogan is racist

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