Fairfax Republican Committee Betrays Donald Trump

On Friday, the official Twitter account of the Fairfax Republican Party retweeted a post by Northern Virginia Republican politician Barbara Comstock (a RINO with a D rating from NumbersUSA, a group that supports a pro-America immigration policy, and an F rating from Conservative Review) that called for nominee Donald Trump to "step aside and allow our party to replace him" and that "I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump."

While it is not clear, it appears that this tweet referenced the release of an 11-year-old illegal secret recording showing Trump using explicit language. While Trump's behavior was inappropriate, it was almost certainly not the reason that Comstock attacked Trump. Barbara Comstock's opponent, LuAnn Bennett, has consistently attacked her over the course of the campaign for not officially 'denouncing' Trump. So, therefore Comstock decided to betray the duly elected nominee of her own party to avoid attacks from her Democratic opponent. Ironically, Comstock is STILL being attacked by Bennett for the "delay" in attacking Trump.

The fact that a local political party is betraying its own nominee is unacceptable. The Fairfax Republican Party must immediately delete this post, or else ResistanceMedia.org will complain to the Republican National Committee and urge Fairfax voters to change their voter registration to Independent. If the Republican establishment refuses to back the voters' choice for President, the voters should refuse to back the establishment, including Comstock.