Clinton Campaign Running Voter Registration Events After Legal Deadline

Even taking into consideration a federal court order that extended the deadline, Virginia residents were required to register by Friday, October 21 in order to be able to vote.

But the Hillary Clinton Campaign is apparently above that law, as her website is advertising future "voter registration" events across Northern Virginia over the next week.
Virginia's voter registration deadline is October 21. 

Virginia's voter registration deadline is October 21.  

Virginia's voter registration deadline is October 21.  

Virginia's voter registration deadline is October 21.  
Does Hillary simply have an incompetent campaign staff? That could be possible, but these events have real addresses, dates, and times. It is extremely unlikely that someone on the Clinton campaign would not know that these events could not legally take place. 

Are Hillary's friends in the Virginia Department of Elections, an executive branch agency controlled by Terry McAullife's political allies, accepting these voter registrations in violation of the legal deadline? Extending the time limit for the Hillary camp is sure to provide an advantage. This theory certainly seems likely, and is not so far-fetched after news broke a few weeks ago that over 1,000 illegal immigrants and other noncitizens were on the voter rolls in just 7 Virginia localities. And in North Carolina, thousands of voters, overwhelmingly Democrats, are over 110 years old (an age that only 45 people in the entire world have lived to see.)

This could turn out to be nothing ... or not. It will be interesting to see how the Virginia Department of Elections and/or the Hillary Clinton campaign responds in the coming days. I may also visit one of those events to investigate and potentially record video of Hillary's campaign engaging in violations of election law. 


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