Prince William School Board Chair Calls for Nonresidents to Pressure School Board

Today, in a speech at the Northern Virginia gay pride event in Centreville, VA, Prince William County School Board chair Ryan Sawyers (who may be even worse than his Fairfax namefellow Ryan McElveen) discussed the attempted adoption of a transgender non-discrimination policy, which was recently blocked 5-1 by the school board.

Sawyers spoke for three minutes, and urged the audience to contact state legislators and tell them to repeal the Dillon Rule, which is a state law that requires that local school districts may not adopt any non-discrimination policy stricter than what is required by the state. In other words, while school districts are required to ban discrimination based on race or religion, for example, they may not ban "discrimination" (i.e. policies that protect individual privacy and safety) based on gender identity.

Sawyers nonsensically claimed that a letter written by the Virginia Attorney General, liberal hack Mark Herring, supersedes established law passed by the General Assembly.

Then, Ryan Sawyers slipped up. He assumed that no one would be watching his speech on a Saturday at a gay pride event. So, he told the audience to do THIS:

And I would be remiss without saying, "Also contact your school board members in Prince William County." If you don't live in Prince William County, I don't care. Still contact them and let them know that you support the update to the nondiscrimination policy. 
Ryan Sawyers is attempting to import support for his social agenda.

This is a common tactic from proponents of the transgender agenda. Most pro-transgender speakers at local school board meetings, specifically the Fairfax and Prince William meetings, are activists from out-of-county or even out-of-state organizations with no ties to the local community. Meanwhile the speakers who advocate against Sawyers' social agenda are mostly local residents, almost all of them attending or having children who attend the local schools.

This alone should result in the recall of Ryan Sawyers.

By the way, Sawyers has also behaved himself in an extremely unethical way on more than one occasion -- these are just a few of Sawyers' many unprofessional, dishonest, and corrupt actions.

  • Secretly lead a recall effort against fellow liberal Democrat, Dianne Raulston, for allegedly not being liberal enough, and lied about it.
  • Lied to the public by offering a "compromise" where the proposed gender-identity policy would not apply to restrooms, showers, or locker rooms; in fact, Sawyers had no power to do so, and has repeatedly stated that he supports students' "right" to choose whichever private facility they wish. 
  • Attempted to appoint the vice-chairman of the Prince William Democratic Committee as a temporary replacement for Brentsville District representative Gil Trenum, a conservative who was deployed to Africa.
The Prince WIlliam County School Board should work for the residents of Prince William County, NOT activists from DC, Arlington, or Fairfax (or any other place other than Prince William for that matter.)

Recall BOTH Ryans. And also, please watch Gainesville District representative Alyson Satterwhite's demolition of Ryan Sawyers. 

For all ResistanceMedia readers who live in Prince William County, there is a very good blog called The Sheriff of Nottingham that has exposed Ryan Sawyers several times. I have not thoroughly investigated everything published on that blog, but from what I've seen, I feel confident endorsing it. 


  1. We love the "Sheriff" who pointed us to your page. Ryan Sawyers, Walts, and a bunch of others on the School and County boards need to go. Soon as employment allows, we plan on leaving the carnival side show called Prince William County/Northern Virginia.


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