Ryan McElveen: Academic Honor is "White-Centric"

In an article published in the University of Virginia's student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, current Fairfax school board member Ryan McElveen railed against UVA's "honor system", whereby students are trusted to maintain academic integrity, but are punished very severely if they betray the university's trust. This system, according to the University's website, has been a fixture of UVA life for over 160 years.

However, according to McElveen, the honor system is racist, sexist, and "Western-centric."

"In general, knowledge of the system is even less important when the system itself is theoretically debased and unrepresentative of our post-modern world. Based on its origins, the concept of honor is West-centric, male-centric and, dare I say it, white-centric. Like all organs of student self-governance at the University, the honor system is a historically white organization that fails to incorporate diverse value and belief systems." 

The honor system is simply a one-sentence pledge, "I will not lie, cheat, or steal." That's racist? Is McElveen implying that minorities are more likely to lie, cheat, or steal, or that they should not be expected to abide by the same standards of conduct as whites?

To me, the idea that not lying, cheating, or stealing represents "white-centric" culture seems like a perfect advertisement for the Ku Klux Klan.

Diverse value and belief systems? What "belief system" excuses lying, cheating, and stealing? Radical atheism? Satanism? As for myself, I do not want those "belief systems" "incorporated" into university honor systems. Does Ryan McElveen?

It is very clear from this article that Ryan McElveen is a moral relativist. In other words, he believes that all morality and ethics are subjective social constructs - a belief shared by many other historical individuals.

While McElveen espouses moral relativism in some areas of life, his entire transgender crusade has been focused around "doing the right thing." According to McElveen, schools must throw student privacy rights - as well as the constitutional rights to freedom of speech and association - out the window, all for the sake of a few dozen FCPS students' sexual preferences. McElveen characterizes this absurd policy as "doing the right thing."

But when it comes to lying, cheating, or stealing, Ryan McElveen believes that it is "subjective" whether or not those activities are ethical. So, Ryan, let me get this straight: it's OK to lie, cheat, and steal because diversity, but a moral code that you don't believe in requires schools to enact leftist social policies? Right...

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