Sue Langley and Red China

Sue Langley, the leader of the Fairfax County Democratic Party, recently demanded the resignation of Elizabeth Schultz, Springfield District school board member and relentless advocate for family rights and citizen involvement. has discovered an interview conducted during the 2016 Democratic National Convention which could potentially end her career in politics. On July 25, 2016, Langley was featured in a segment on CCTV News, a Chinese state-funded television network that even the New York Times characterizes as China's "propaganda tool." In fact, there is a special telephone in CCTV offices reserved solely for communications with the Central Propaganda Office (yes, that is the real name) of the Communist Party of China.

In fact, the president of CCTV has publicly stated that its journalists are not actually journalists, but "propaganda workers." Why is the Fairfax Democratic Chairwoman associating herself with this network?

In my view, there are two possibilities; either Langley knew about this network, and decided to do the interview anyway to promote herself, or she actually supports Communist China. It is preposterous that she was unaware of what channel she was consenting to an interview with - even the Wikipedia page for CCTV states, right at the top, that CCTV is a state-owned "mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China." Are we really supposed to believe that she would not conduct a simple Google search for the network she was to be interviewed by?

In any case, Sue Langley is unfit to serve as a public official in any capacity. 

If readers dismiss this as conspiracy-mongering from an unknown, obscure website, here are excerpts from well-known mainstream news sources regarding this channel.
  • "... high-level Communist Party leaders directly control the mixture of news and propaganda that the station produces" - Epoch Times, Oct. 11, 2011
  • "... Chinese Communist Party officials sign off on every line to make sure it fits the government’s pro-regime message." - The Diplomat, Feb. 9, 2016
  • "China-related stories must comply with the dictates of the CCP’s Office for Foreign Propaganda." - The Wilson Center For International Scholars, Oct. 26, 2015
  • "The leaders of CCTV are Chinese Communist Party officials from the propaganda apparatus." - PBS News, Mar. 23, 2012
The interview was what journalists call a puff piece - an article that contains exaggerated praise and does not include any opposing views. It appears to have been written to promote Langley's career, rather than for its news value, although ResistanceMedia has no proof of that assertion.

ResistanceMedia is calling for Sue Langley's immediate resignation for her association with a foreign propaganda network which broadcasts anti-American and pro-Communist material on a daily basis.

Please share this post - especially on Twitter (please 'tag' @SueLangley as ResistanceMedia is blocked) - and call into local news and talk stations such as WMAL to demand that Langley be held accountable for her actions!