The FCPS Youth Survey is Fundamentally Unreliable

Every year, FCPS sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade students take an intrusive, graphic, and pointless survey, officially known as the FCPS Youth Survey. Elizabeth Schultz, a Fairfax school board member from the Springfield District, has urged parents to opt out of the survey. Others who concur include Concerned Parents and Educators and

One of the main arguments against the Youth Survey has centered on the graphic content that children are exposed to, namely 13 separate questions about various forms of sexual abuse, 3 questions about suicide, 3 questions about eating disorders, and an astounding 26 questions about drug use. This is not all of the objectionable material on this survey; the full list is below.

But in this article, I will put that aside. Some may have no problem with their children being quizzed by the government about such deeply intrusive and personal topics. And some FCPS students may have no problem with that either. That is obviously true, as the FCPS Student Union, a Twitter account that claims to represent all FCPS students, is more concerned about not being allowed to Snapchat in class than the real issues of creeping school tyranny in Fairfax County schools. 

There is a simple fact being left out of most or all discussion of this survey and that is:

The FCPS Youth Survey is unreliable.

Sure, students can and do make up survey results (such as stating that they have used cocaine 40 times in the past week,) but the FCPS methodology controls for that. That is not the real issue. The real issue is that the survey is fundamentally unreliable. No one who is really using drugs, having sex, or contemplating suicide is actually going to write that on their survey. The survey is allegedly anonymous, but teachers are in the room while the survey is being administered, and who is to say that the teachers never take a peek?

Therefore, very few people who are engaged in the activities that the survey is allegedly designed for will fill out the survey accurately. The survey is fundamentally inaccurate. In a previous post, I explained WHY the FCPS establishment is pushing an obviously worthless, unscientific survey, against the wishes of parents as well as FCPS students.

Case in point: In the 1990s, a massive drug trafficking ring operated out of Robinson Secondary school in Fairfax Station. For two years, the cartel was undetected by FCPS, yet it sold over 100,000 doses of LSD to FCPS students.

That is one dose of LSD for EVERY SINGLE FCPS STUDENT in the 2016-2017 school year - including preschool, special education, and alternative school students. 

According to the Washington Post, which reported on this scandal, the Youth Survey was given and monitored, but showed that LSD use rates declined.

"Fairfax school officials said they were unaware of any drug ring based at [Robinson] or any other high school, and noted that a recent survey of students indicated that use of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD had declined during the past two years. "
- Washington Post, September 5, 1991 
How could the reported LSD use rates decline while a drug cartel sold enough drugs for every single FCPS student to have a dose?

The answer is clear. The Youth Survey does not work. will release our FULL Youth Survey 2016 Exposé in mid to late October 2016, just like last year. In the meantime, ResistanceMedia urges you to learn more about the FCPS Youth Survey, whether you are a parent, or a local student. Below are a few links about school surveys that you can use to educate yourself. Please do.

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The Fairfax Youth Survey, and all others like it, must be abolished. Let's make it happen. Contact your local School Board representative. Their phone numbers and email addresses are at this link

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