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FCPS School Board Wasting Tax Money on Leftist Lobbying

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At its next meeting (December 1) the school board will adopt its “State and Federal Legislative Program.”  As I understand it, this is the school board’s way of setting its lobbying priorities for the coming year.  While I did not have time to review the document in-depth, a number of the items show that the board lacks seriousness and is more enamored with left-wing causes than focusing on what is best for Fairfax County students.
A few items that jumped out at me:

Apparently the school board is stuck in the 1970s, as it “supports passage by the United States Congress and ratification by the Virginia General Assembly of a federal constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights to women.”  (p. 9).  Leaving aside the fact that this is substantively stupid (last time I checked, the equal protection clause didn’t care if you had ovaries), no one is thinking about reviving the corpse of the equal rights amendment because 1) it would not even get…

To Truly 'Drain the Swamp', President Trump Must Slay a Sacred Cow

In a certain country, there is a massive secret police force. The Constitution does not apply to it. It can ruin individuals' lives and destroy families on a whim, based on little or no evidence, and without a fair and impartial trial. It makes a profit for every family it rips apart. The reason it supposedly exists is to protect children and provide services to families, but the children it takes are far more likely to be abused under their care than with their families.

The country is the United States. The secret police force is Child Protective Services. 
When anyone criticizes Child Protective Services or exposes their unconstitutional, corrupt activities, CPS' blind defenders accuse them of supporting or condoning child abuse. But in fact, children would suffer less abuse without CPS at all. While there are horrific cases of child abuse at the hands of parents, on average, a child who is in a CPS foster home is 7-8 times more likely to be abused and 6 times more likely to…

Annandale School Newspaper Claims Mike Pence Supports ELECTROCUTION of Homosexuals

The official school newspaper, called The A-Blast, of Annandale High School in Fairfax County published an article yesterday claiming that Vice President-Elect Mike Pence supports electrocution of homosexuals.

The article, entitled "Prove Us Wrong, Donald Trump", repeated numerous false claims about Trump, Pence, and their policy proposals.

There are many misleading statements in the article, such as the media-fueled falsehoods that Trump "mocked the disabled" and "called Mexicans rapists." Both of these are not true.

But the most blatantly and indisputably false statement in this article comes when the author, Binqi Chen, who serves as the Editorials Editor for the A-Blast, wrote the following:

Pence has repeatedly assaulted LGBTQ rights. In 2000, Pence advocated to cut HIV funding for groups that supported homosexuality, and instead believed that tax money should be given to convert gays by electrocution.
This has been refuted by numerous sources, includ…

High School English Class Stages Mock Assassination of President-Elect Trump

Imagine the school's reaction if this had happened with Hillary or Barack Obama...

From Fox News:

A skit performed in a south Texas high school English class that portrayed the assassination of Donald Trump is just one of the latest cases of K-12 election hysteria.    Officials at San Antonio’s Marshall High School claim they took "appropriate action" following the skit, in which a student dressed as Trump was shot by a classmate, complete with gunfire sound effects from a cellphone. But some parents say harsher punishment was warranted, and critics worry that political polarization has found its way into schools.  “Honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they’re still in school today,” parent Melinda Bean told the San Antonio Express-News.

Rockville Trump Supporter Attacked At Anti-Trump Walkout

Hey, Falls Church High School, where's HIS safe space?
WASHINGTON (WTOP) — A student is facing assault charges after a student protest of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent Wednesday.  Hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School were carrying signs reading, “Love Trumps Hate,” and chanting near the Rockville courthouse on Maryland Avenue in a protest that began at about 10 a.m. when a 15-year-old boy wearing one of the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” hats was attacked by about four students.  The group surrounded the teen, punching him repeatedly, then threw him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly in the ribs. It is not yet clear what led up to the incident, but Maj. Michael English with Rockville police said the Trump supporter was not the aggressor.  “They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad,” Max Stucky, a bystander who witnessed the attack, told WTOP. The victim, who wasn’t seriously hurt, was seen clutching the back of…

ResistanceMedia Responds to Accusations of "Smearing Students"

CENTREVILLE, VA: Today responded to accusations by John Mahan, an English Teacher at Falls Church High School, claiming that ResistanceMedia is "smearing" and "targeting" students.

These claims were made on Facebook, in reference to an article published November 12, regarding Falls Church High School (FCHS) distributing safety pins to students in the wake of Donald J. Trump's electoral victory. In the article, this site did publish photos of a teacher and two Falls Church students wearing their safety. However, those pictures had been publicly posted on Twitter by those depicted in them. ResistanceMedia would not have published the photos if they had not been FIRST made availailable by the students. No names or personally identifiable information were published along with the photos. 
ResistanceMedia will remove the images if the students or their parents request. Requests may be made through the comment section or by email (resistancemediaor…

Falls Church HS Librarians EXPLODE At ResistanceMedia In Explicit Facebook Posts

In two rambling Facebook posts, Falls Church High School Librarian Carrie Kausch claimed that ResistanceMedia was run by "anonymous f**ks" and that "when I saw [], I had such a visible reaction that Dave freaked out about what was upsetting me." These two posts were apparently in reference to an article posted November 12, 2016, which exposed the fact that the administration was passing out safety pins with a thinly veiled anti-Trump message to students - implying that Trump's victory made them "unsafe."

Falls Church's Head Librarian also chimed in later, stating "I just read this. WHAT. THE. MAJOR. F***?"

This was all in response to a post by John Mahan, an English teacher at Falls Church, who posted "Oh joy. www(dot)resistancemedia(dot)org. First article." He then commented on his own post, writing that ResistanceMedia was run by "cowards" who "target students." These allegations have be…

Social Media Reports: DC, MD Teachers Encouraging Anti-Trump Walkout

Today, public school students in Washington, DC and some surrounding areas such as Beltsville, MD walked out of class to protest President-Elect Donald J. Trump, who recently won the presidency with 306 electoral votes, although the mainstream media has yet to acknowledge Trump's victory in Michigan. In Washington, students marched from Trump International Hotel to the Washington Monument, waving signs such as "America Was Never Great" as well as rainbow flags and similar symbols.

Of course, the very concept of mass, semi-violent rallies to attempt to "dump", as one sign put it, the results of a democratic election is quite disturbing. In fact, it bears substantial historical parallels to the early days of the Nazi regimes, when Hitler Youth would disrupt non-Nazi rallies, engage in street violence, and stage massive parades through German streets to intimidate opponents and spread Nazi ideology. If anyone in the campaign is "literally Hitler", it is …

Falls Church High School Administrators Distributing Anti-Trump Protest Symbols to Teachers, Students

Update 11/21/2016: An anonymous comment on, claiming to be one of the students pictured in this article, has asked for the removal of one of the images. The image was publicly posted on Twitter by the student, but to respect the privacy of the student, the image has been blurred to hide identifying facial features. 

Photos circulated via Twitter show "safety pins" distributed to students and teachers by the staff and "student leadership" (i.e. puppet government) of Falls Church High School. The "safety pin" is a symbol first used in the aftermath of the United Kingdom's historic "Brexit" vote to leave the European Union and reclaim their national sovereignty. Now, after Donald J. Trump's electoral victory, anti-Trump protesters are using the safety pin to symbolize opposition to his policies and rhetoric.

From theIndependent Journal Review: A movement has started in the U.S. of people wearing a safety pin in order to d…

Fairfax Voters Crush Meals Tax Proposal

The FCPS establishment was dealt a humbling blow on Election Day after voters crushed a proposal to impose a total 10% tax on all prepared food sold in Fairfax County. This proposal was supported by the vast majority of the Fairfax County School Board, and numerous misleading arguments were advanced in support of the proposal.

Aside for a few isolated precincts in Arlington, Falls Church, and Reston, Fairfax County was virtually unanimous in its rejection of the proposal, even while nonsensically swinging Virginia, where Trump led for most of the night, to Hillary Clinton.

This (relatively petty compared to those in the Presidential race) issue was, like the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, was a rejection not just of another tax, but of the opinions and demands of the political establishment. Ryan McElveen, Dalia Palchik, and Pat Hynes are probably among those crying at the Hillary Clinton "victory parties" across America.

ELECTION RESULTS: Trump Makes History, Proves Rigged Polls Wrong

Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States due to his historic victories in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. Many of those states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, have not been won by a Republican in over 20 years.

State-by-state results show that Trump consistently outperformed media polling, by as much as 5-7 percentage points in some states, an unprecedented level of polling error. This raises the question of whether or not media outlets deliberately skewed polls to suppress turnout among pro-Trump voters.

All poll aggregators favored, some more than others, a Hillary Clinton victory. The Huffington Post claimed that Hillary had a 99% chance of winning, as did statistician Sam Wang, Ph.D. Other models, such as and the New York Times Upshot, were more conservative, but still predicted a Crooked Hillary victory.

But as the votes came in, the Clinton campaign and their media allies began to realize …

Fairfax School Board Member Enmeshed In Web Of Clinton Corruption

Ryan McElveen, who has been a Fairfax County at-large school board member since 2011, is idolized by many Fairfax students who mistakenly believe that he is involved in the decision to cancel classes due to snow. However, as has repeatedly reported, Ryan McElveen is a hypocritical social justice warrior with ties to Arab governments and also a totalitarian quasi-fascist who opposes freedom of speech.

The presidential campaign, as well as the efforts of groups such as Wikileaks, have brought out more information about the extent of Ryan McElveen's corruption. Ryan McElveen's LinkedIn profile advertises his role in "facilitating communications for the [Foundation's] Haiti earthquake relief effort."  For those who do not know, the Haiti "relief fund" was actually a slush fund that funneled millions of dollars into the hands of Clinton cronies, while providing very little relief to the Haitian people.

From Breitbart:
While then-Secretary …

ResistanceMedia Social Media Campaign: #FamiliesAgainstHillary

Hillary Clinton is the most anti-family candidate ever to run for office. 
She believes that the state, not parents, should raise children. Just look at the title of her book.

And she is, by her own admission, responsible for the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, an unconstitutional law that has resulted in the destruction of tens, or hundreds of thousands of American families. ResistanceMedia posted a detailed article exposing that tyrannical law, which you can read here.

Hillary Clinton must be defeated. We are requesting that you change your social media header to one of these images to help defeat Hillary and protect families! You can download one of them by clicking on the image, then right-clicking it and selecting "Open image in new tab" and then saving it to your computer and uploading it to your social network. (These are designed for Twitter but can be used with any network.) Thanks!

'Conservative Christian' School Forcing Students to Volunteer 'Exclusively' for Comstock Campaign

The Fairfax Christian School in Vienna, VA, is requiring students to volunteer for liberal Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump. In a message to parents leaked to the press, the school states that "all high school students" will volunteer on Election Day - "exclusively" for the Barbara Comstock campaign. Students are required to wear their school uniforms while volunteering. 
Jo Thoburn, who heads the Fairfax Christian School, has been Barbara Comstock's 10th District Chair for almost two years now, and cast the deciding vote to give Comstock a Republican Primary. When a Virginia RNC delegate publicly announced his support for a third-party Presidential candidate, Jo Thoburn blocked an attempt to remove him - without a proper hearing as required by the "Party Plan". According to OpenSecrets, Thoburn has given almost $10,000 in campaign contributions to Comstock - which is of course her right as a private…

Fairfax Voters: Say No To The Meals Tax Referendum!

By Paul Prados, 11th Congressional District Republican Chairman

Recently our House of Delegates Member Jim LeMunyon wrote to his constituents in the 67th District asking the question "Does Fairfax County Need a Meals Tax?".

I wanted to share with the voters just a few of his excellent points on why you should Vote No on the proposed meals tax on November 8th.

First, the proposed new tax is 4% on top of the existing 6% sales tax for a total of a 10% tax on every meal in the County.

This would be an additional $100 million in new taxes after the Democratic controlled Board of Supervisors raised our real estate taxes by $100 million, a 6% increase, already this year.

Second, 70% of the new meals tax money is to go for schools because Fairfax County Public Schools need to be "more competitive" in teacher compensation.  Yet, last year FCPS filled about 1,000 teaching positions where over 15,000 teachers applied for those positions. Those teachers thought the compensation w…

What You Don't Know About International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a very popular program in Fairfax County and throughout the American educational system. According to IB's official website, there are 1,694 officially accredited IB schools in the United States, which include 488 elementary schools, 602 middle schools, and 878 high schools.

IB was created by surrogates of the United Nations' Cultural Organization, UNESCO, for the sole purpose of educating “world citizens” which will accept the United Nations' goals of a one-world government. The reason is because the United States population would never accept a world government today. A plurality of Americans are opposed to it. But if the next generation is indoctrinated to support world socialism, a majority of the US will eventually support a one-world government. Then, the international socialists who largely control the United Nations can easily take political control of the world, and create the “New World Order” that they have written about and p…