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Annandale School Newspaper Claims Mike Pence Supports ELECTROCUTION of Homosexuals

The official school newspaper, called The A-Blast, of Annandale High School in Fairfax County published an article yesterday claiming that Vice President-Elect Mike Pence supports electrocution of homosexuals.

The article, entitled "Prove Us Wrong, Donald Trump", repeated numerous false claims about Trump, Pence, and their policy proposals.

There are many misleading statements in the article, such as the media-fueled falsehoods that Trump "mocked the disabled" and "called Mexicans rapists." Both of these are not true.

But the most blatantly and indisputably false statement in this article comes when the author, Binqi Chen, who serves as the Editorials Editor for the A-Blast, wrote the following:

Pence has repeatedly assaulted LGBTQ rights. In 2000, Pence advocated to cut HIV funding for groups that supported homosexuality, and instead believed that tax money should be given to convert gays by electrocution. 

This has been refuted by numerous sources, including the liberal site Snopes, who note that Pence never even mentioned "conversion therapy", let alone electrocution, in the policy proposal in question. In fact, Pence's proposal was to deny funds to organizations that promote homosexuality, and that "resources be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior." No mention of changing orientation and certainly no mention of electrocution.

This type of maliciously false reporting constitutes libel under Virginia law, which is defined as a "false statement of fact published or communicated to another person that causes injury to the reputation of the subject of the statement." 

By allowing this article to be published under their name, Annandale High School could be opening themselves up to an expensive lawsuit by Mike Pence. 

ResistanceMedia is demanding an immediate retraction and apology for the false claims. Such unethical journalism should not be allowed through a school journalism class - why are the teachers not doing their job and ensuring that students' articles are at least factually accurate? FCPS is spending hours each day monitoring ResistanceMedia, but they can't even check basic facts in their own publication? 


  1. fairfax county should bring this topic up with middle eastern muslims.
    (be careful, you might give them ideas... they're too primitive for electrocution).


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