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'Conservative Christian' School Forcing Students to Volunteer 'Exclusively' for Comstock Campaign

The Fairfax Christian School in Vienna, VA, is requiring students to volunteer for liberal Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump. In a message to parents leaked to the press, the school states that "all high school students" will volunteer on Election Day - "exclusively" for the Barbara Comstock campaign. Students are required to wear their school uniforms while volunteering. 

Jo Thoburn, who heads the Fairfax Christian School, has been Barbara Comstock's 10th District Chair for almost two years now, and cast the deciding vote to give Comstock a Republican Primary. When a Virginia RNC delegate publicly announced his support for a third-party Presidential candidate, Jo Thoburn blocked an attempt to remove him - without a proper hearing as required by the "Party Plan". According to OpenSecrets, Thoburn has given almost $10,000 in campaign contributions to Comstock - which is of course her right as a private citizen. 

I am NOT accusing the Thoburn family or Fairfax Christian School of illegal behavior. It is Jo Thoburn's right to donate money to the candidates she chooses. However, it is improper for Jo Thoburn to involve her students in some kind of in-kind campaign scheme - potentially without even disclosing her political connections to parents. As a private school and a business, they must serve their customers (parents) - not Thoburn's political cronies. 

Another issue with this scheme is the immense hypocrisy of Jo Thoburn. In February 2015, two years' worth of posts on her public Twitter account were revealed by the Washington Post. Jo Thoburn referred to a (Republican) lieutenant governor candidate as a "sl*t", and has compared Prince William Board of Supervisors Chair Corey Stewart to David Duke, who led a Ku Klux Klan group in the 1970's. (This was because of Stewart's policy of checking the immigration status of those who were arrested in Prince William County, and turning over illegal immigrants to federal authorities for deportation.)

When questioned about the Tweets, Thoburn stated that she was "unsure" if she actually wrote any of them, and stated that family members and school employees had access to her Twitter page - suggesting that she had not looked at her own Twitter page in 2 years. So much for "I will not lie, cheat, or steal" - the honor code of Thoburn's school!

Jo Thoburn believes in the abolition of all taxes - a position that her buddy Barbara Comstock, with a 20% Liberty Score from Conservative Review, including F's and D's on every single conservative issue, ranging from immigration to spending, taxes, and debt - certainly does not share.  

Fairfax Christian School's improper electioneering scheme most likely will not be able to save RINO Barbara Comstock from the wrath of thousands of Trump supporters across the 10th District of Virginia.

ResistanceMedia urges all voters to write in a random name or simply leave the space blank. Barbara Comstock is more liberal than many Democrats, and her refusal to support Trump doesn't help. 


  1. This article was clearly written with a lot of misinformation.

    The Fairfax Christian School's Teen Age Republicans has provided volunteers to Republican candidates and conservative issues-based causes throughout the history of the school. This year the club chose to focus on Barbara Comstock's race. However, they will also be handing out sample ballots for the Republican Party and the "No" Meal Tax in Fairfax County.

    Students are not required to participate and there is nothing improper or illegal about Teen Age Republicans volunteering to work the polls on Election Day.

    1. Dear "Liberty Is Popular":

      Sorry, but your comment is the one with a lot of misinformation.

      I have a screenshot from your site sent to me - and it is NOT just that club. It explicitly states that ALL high school students, and "interested 7th and 8th grade students" will participate on Election Day. It does not mention anything related to your "Teen Age Republicans Club."

      There is also no mention of the Republican party or the "No Meals Tax" campaign. This is a direct quote:

      "They will be working EXCLUSIVELY for the Barbara Comstock for Congress Campaign."

      It is clear, that this has NOTHING to do with the "Teenage Republicans" club, and that the students do not have the liberty to choose.

      1. Why the distinction between "interested" 7th and 8th grade students and "all" high school students if the students can choose?

      2. Why are students not allowed to volunteer for the Republican Party or the TRUMP campaign? Is it because Thoburn's buddy Barbara Comstock hates Trump?


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