Fairfax Voters Crush Meals Tax Proposal

The FCPS establishment was dealt a humbling blow on Election Day after voters crushed a proposal to impose a total 10% tax on all prepared food sold in Fairfax County. This proposal was supported by the vast majority of the Fairfax County School Board, and numerous misleading arguments were advanced in support of the proposal.

Aside for a few isolated precincts in Arlington, Falls Church, and Reston, Fairfax County was virtually unanimous in its rejection of the proposal, even while nonsensically swinging Virginia, where Trump led for most of the night, to Hillary Clinton.

This (relatively petty compared to those in the Presidential race) issue was, like the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, was a rejection not just of another tax, but of the opinions and demands of the political establishment. Ryan McElveen, Dalia Palchik, and Pat Hynes are probably among those crying at the Hillary Clinton "victory parties" across America.


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