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Falls Church High School Administrators Distributing Anti-Trump Protest Symbols to Teachers, Students

Update 11/21/2016: An anonymous comment on, claiming to be one of the students pictured in this article, has asked for the removal of one of the images. The image was publicly posted on Twitter by the student, but to respect the privacy of the student, the image has been blurred to hide identifying facial features. 

Photos circulated via Twitter show "safety pins" distributed to students and teachers by the staff and "student leadership" (i.e. puppet government) of Falls Church High School. The "safety pin" is a symbol first used in the aftermath of the United Kingdom's historic "Brexit" vote to leave the European Union and reclaim their national sovereignty. Now, after Donald J. Trump's electoral victory, anti-Trump protesters are using the safety pin to symbolize opposition to his policies and rhetoric.

A movement has started in the U.S. of people wearing a safety pin in order to demonstrate they do not believe in the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump, which has been called racist and xenophobic.
(I just HAVE to include this Tweet, because ... it perfectly sums up the ridiculousness of the "safety pin" movement.)

Photos of the safety pins were spread on Twitter by the Falls Church student government.

"Everyone post a selfie of you with your pin, and tag us for a retweet"

Thinly veiled anti-Trump messages have been posted by the Falls Church librarian in the school library, along with a safety pin and the message "this library is a safe space":

A Falls Church teacher taught class with her anti-Trump "safety pin" and posted the picture on Twitter: 

 This photo shows FCPS students wearing the school-sponsored protest pin:

It is completely inappropriate for a public school to sponsor a political protest of any kind, especially one which implicitly states numerous defamatory statements about Trump or anyone else. Of course, ResistanceMedia stands for the right of all public school students to peacefully express their views as long as it does not substantively disrupt the school environment - however, school employees should stay out of politics. The stated purpose of a school is education, not political propaganda and indoctrination.

The hypocrisy of Never Trump and their educational allies is immense. While pretending to care about the "feelings" of those "marginalized in society", they have implicitly stated that Trump supporters are responsible for the alleged "marginalization" and pose a threat to people's "safety." Thereby, they have "marginalized" Trump supporters by spreading the false claim that the "Basket of Deplorables" is racist, sexist, and violent.

Please join in the resistance to public school tyranny by sharing this article and other ResistanceMedia content on social networks, and contact Falls Church HS (phone: 703-207-4000) and tell them that their actions are unacceptable.


  1. How to be a useful idiot 101

  2. Wow, I will spread this around. It is disturbing thst my tax dollars are funding sedition, treason and terrorism in schools by sore losers. These Demoncrats must be stopped

  3. Diaper pins are so appropriate for the whiny babies.

  4. Lol how is this supporting treason and terrorism exactly?? Come on dude, this isn't as big a thing as you're making it out to be.

  5. When did safe places become a political point? I mean how dare schools tell people they're save to be there, right? These safety pins aren't there to say Trump and all his supporters are evil people. In any given group there are the nice supporters and the irrational ones, the ones that are actually harassing people that are LGBT+, minorites, etc. You may not be one of them, but they are out there, even in schools. A lot of the people saying they're scared babies are the ones that don't have to face the mistreatment and harassment. Until you are in their shoes you will never know. You're entitled to your opinion and I'm not going to tell you you're a terrible person for being passionate about what you believe, but I am saying maybe you're not seeing the whole picture. I'm not a Democrat, liberal, republican, etc., but I believe everyone has the right to feel and be safe in the country they are a citizen of. That is what this movement is. Also, just because I found this funny, this is not your tax dollars going to terrorism this is nothing close to terrorism or treason lol chances are these aren't even your tax dollars.

    1. I did not post the comment about "sedition and terrorism." I don't censor any comments, except for obscenity, violence, threats, etc...

      I do agree that wearing a safety pin is not "terrorism" however it is still an inappropriate use of school resources and tax dollars.

    2. The supplies was all payed for by staff and the school has a safe place club established almost 3 years ago before all election/campaign talk started. It's not really using any school resources or tax dollars. They weren't taking time out of their teaching to talk about it either, it was just available for the many students who voiced their concerns about their safety in the first place.

  6. Schools have been promoting safe places for a long time, way before this election. Students feel anxiety over the smallest things and if many vocalize that they feel scared based on the massive division in our country right now - as an election result (no matter who is elected) is a big deal - are educators supposed to ignore it or help promote the idea that students can freely speak their mind to someone who is willing to listen? I would hope the latter.

    1. "No matter who is elected" - again, if Hillary had won, would they be passing out these pins to Trump supporters? No. This agenda is NOT politically neutral. Just look at these articles showing that this symbol has NEVER been used for any other purpose except to protest Trump.

  7. If the left is looking for trouble it may just be around the corner....

  8. Tinker v. Des Moines. Enough said.

    1. Tinker vs. Des Moines protects INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS' right to engage in free speech as long as it does not disrupt the school community.

      It does not give the GOVERNMENT the right to use its resources and power to promote a defamatory agenda.

      Enough said.

  9. This is hilarious. This article and its author just asserted that students and staff that are making an effort to promote unity and acceptance to all people and combat discrimination is anti-trump. That comes with the admittance that trump does not support equality and unity. It also means he is for discrimination. Policies aside, from a moral persepctive, Trump is fostering hate and negativity with his beliefs. This school has a large minority population who feel as if Trump is going to hurt them and their families. They feel the same way about his supporters who can stand by him in spite of his violent and discriminatory rhetoric. Don't be mad that teachers are trying to help students cope with their fears. Its kind of hard to teach kids who constantly feel threatened. That last part also goes to kids who supported trump. They dont deserve to be burned at the stake for their choice. They also dont get to begin verbally attacking students, as has been happing here in recent incidents.

    1. If they feel that way it is in error as Trump is not a racist. If kids need a safe space because their candidate loses the election, they have not been properly educated by these schools.

    2. "Trump is not a racist" except for when he ran most of his campaign through racist and sexist comments. He caused crowds of people to cheer over this. Besides that point, this isn't to say 'i need a safe place from Trump's this is 'I'm glad to know that I can look to someone around me as someone who will stand up for me when I am being harassed or assulted' that's REGARDLESS of what candidate won. Also, for you to say they need a safe place because their candidate lost is incorrect and inconsiderate. Don't assume that is what this is all about. Safe place has been a thing long before this, and it's only a bigger concern now because the students have voiced their concerns. Teachers don't tell kids this candidate is good and this is bad, but they do encourage those that can vote to vote. These students came to the conclusion that Trump was not someone they trusted on their own through what they saw him say.

    3. Name one racist comment or proposal from President Trump. ONE.

      If you really stand against people being "harassed and assaulted", then ask yourself this question: If Hillary had won, then do you really think that Falls Church High School would be handing out safety pins for Trump supporters? NO. Then stop pretending to be politically neutral if the agenda you promote demonizes Trump supporters as racist, sexist, and violent.

      In fact, the people being "harassed and assaulted" for their beliefs are TRUMP supporters. Liberal politics has the support of the entire public school, media, and government establishment. No one is being "marginalized" for supporting Hillary.

      For example, this happened in Rockville a few days ago:

  10. "Tyranny"? Oh my gosh. No where does it say "Trump sucks" or "Don't vote for Trump kids!!" It doesn't even say Trump anywhere.
    They're just acknowledging the fact that some people feel unsafe and scared, period. Should students not feel safe at school or in society overall? The administration should encourage people to show support for one another. They're not saying "Liberal students lets show these republicans we hate them!" Gosh, get a grip.

    I don't know whether FCHS *needs* to do this since most people I know there are very tolerant and I've never seen or heard of bullying when I was there, although it might be good for Republicans to wear this to let people know that you're not racist or misogynist...unless you are.

  11. Don't say you stand for their right to peacefully protest, and then go and bash them afterwards. This article is a complete joke. You should get a new career.

    1. I stand for THEIR right to peacefully express their views - on ALL sides of the issue. Imagine how different it would be if a Trump supporter wore a Trump button or sticker to school. If a liberal student was angry about it, it would be the Trump supporter's fault in the eyes of the administration. BUT, if a Trump supporter was upset about one of these safety pins, they would be punished for "harassment" or something similar. That is a fact. There IS a double standard.

      Again, it is THEIR right, not a GOVERNMENT power, to promote an ideological agenda in school classrooms.

    2. Have you been to this school? That student would not be punished for harassment unless they actually harassed them about the pin. If the student is upset about the pin then they should talk to administration about why so that something can be done to accommodate to them. Aside from all of this, these pins aren't about Trump!!! You people are blind to not notice that the students and staff themselves have stated it's about the students concerns, NO ONE has mentioned Trump being the reason but YOU. Your point on the trump supporting student being fact is very munch false, unless you have personally seen this happen at the school you can't claim your opinion to be fact. These teachers aren't telling students how to feel about it, they're telling them they hear their voices. This isn't government power, so stop acting like it is.

  12. The author of this is a delusional, paranoid dimwit.

    He says these have never been used for any purpose except to protest Trump.... Oh but they started in the UK.

    Calls a leadership class a puppet government? Clearly you have no idea how this works.

    Complains that $7 worth of safety pins is an inappropriate use of school resources. �� Delusional.

    Calls for the resignation of all students involved? ��

    Please go back to your other conspiracy theories in your basement and stop bad-mouthing the amazing students and staff of one of the best schools in Virginia.

    On the plus side, I'm glad that I found out they're doing this. I will be donating money to support it and see that it continues.

  13. Isn't it a pity that the writer never has a chance to enter the school and see the amazing support that teachers give to their students daily Maybe one day he will understand what empathy means.

  14. When you actually go to this school, and then read an article like this. You truly understand the BS of internet threads.

    Falls Church is such a family, even the kids who voted left or right are cool with each other. Also a teacher probably bought that with their own money to help the kids. Instead of just listening to them rant about Trump, get some pins to say "hey i am against this and you can come to me" The only person I saw wearing this was my Choir teacher, and when I asked what it was for, he just said it was "it means people can come and talk to me, I am a safe place, ... etc" He said nothing about the election. I didnt even know about it until i read this article.

  15. Since you have ignored my email, I am commenting to inform you that I am under the age of 18, therefore a minor. You do not have consent to use my photo on your website whatsoever and I request that it be removed from this article immediately.

    1. Which image do you want removed?

      I did not receive any email from you. Please contact

      I know that FCPS does not allow external communications from accounts. Maybe use your personal email?

    2. The image with the two minors and their faces pixelated needs to be removed now. You do not have permission to take these pictures from their social media accounts and they are minors.

      Remove it now.

    3. The faces have now been pixelated beyond recognition. There is NO WAY to ascertain the identity of these students.

      The fact remains that the picture was publicly posted on this student's Twitter account, and retweeted by Falls Church's administration.

      Until I get an email from *the student* requesting for it to be removed, that image will stay.


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