Falls Church HS Librarians EXPLODE At ResistanceMedia In Explicit Facebook Posts

In two rambling Facebook posts, Falls Church High School Librarian Carrie Kausch claimed that ResistanceMedia was run by "anonymous f**ks" and that "when I saw [ResistanceMedia.org], I had such a visible reaction that Dave freaked out about what was upsetting me." These two posts were apparently in reference to an article posted November 12, 2016, which exposed the fact that the administration was passing out safety pins with a thinly veiled anti-Trump message to students - implying that Trump's victory made them "unsafe."

Falls Church's Head Librarian also chimed in later, stating "I just read this. WHAT. THE. MAJOR. F***?"

This was all in response to a post by John Mahan, an English teacher at Falls Church, who posted "Oh joy. www(dot)resistancemedia(dot)org. First article." He then commented on his own post, writing that ResistanceMedia was run by "cowards" who "target students." These allegations have been responded to in a separate article

My problem is that they target students. That's f***ing cowardly. Smear me or another adult, fine, whatever....but a student?
And ANONYMOUSLY too. Won't even put their name on what they write. 

Also on Facebook, Tom Cadorette, a High School English teacher at West Potomac in Alexandria, posted personal information including address, phone number, and email of an individual alleged to be involved with ResistanceMedia.org.

These teachers should be fired. They can't even handle simple disagreement with their beliefs and activities. What message does this send to students about their rights of freedom of speech? I will post their email addresses and phone numbers as soon as I can - meanwhile, please call Falls Church High School at 703-207-4000 and demand their immediate termination.


  1. Hi, I really want to read your response and see your point of view. If you are so intent on us reading it, why are you blocking people from doing so? Thanks!

  2. I stand with Falls Church High School.

  3. Peter Maxwell WarasilaNovember 16, 2016 at 10:21 PM

    I would like to add that I provided my full, real, legal name because I believe that you deserve the right to know whose opinions you are reading. I am personally willing to beg for my high school (that I know and love despite its numerous flaws) not to have to deal with the potentially excessive fallout from these articles and posts. I feel as though just another anonymous user doesn't communicate that I have a stake in the topic at hand. I do not wish to defame or engage in extended argument with Resistance Media or their staff, nor do I wish to become the topic of your next post, insisting that I be expelled from my university. The staff members that you have pointed out need not immediately lose their jobs during the middle of the school year and lose all the careful work they do to enrich the knowledge of their students. After all, the main concern here is the long-term success of the future graduates, right?


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