ResistanceMedia Social Media Campaign: #FamiliesAgainstHillary

Hillary Clinton is the most anti-family candidate ever to run for office. 

She believes that the state, not parents, should raise children. Just look at the title of her book.

And she is, by her own admission, responsible for the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, an unconstitutional law that has resulted in the destruction of tens, or hundreds of thousands of American families. ResistanceMedia posted a detailed article exposing that tyrannical law, which you can read here.

Hillary Clinton must be defeated. We are requesting that you change your social media header to one of these images to help defeat Hillary and protect families! You can download one of them by clicking on the image, then right-clicking it and selecting "Open image in new tab" and then saving it to your computer and uploading it to your social network. (These are designed for Twitter but can be used with any network.) Thanks!

#FamiliesAgainstHillary: White background.
#FamiliesAgainstHillary: Red background
#FamiliesAgainstHillary: Orange background

#FamiliesAgainstHillary: Blue/green background