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Social Media Reports: DC, MD Teachers Encouraging Anti-Trump Walkout

Today, public school students in Washington, DC and some surrounding areas such as Beltsville, MD walked out of class to protest President-Elect Donald J. Trump, who recently won the presidency with 306 electoral votes, although the mainstream media has yet to acknowledge Trump's victory in Michigan. In Washington, students marched from Trump International Hotel to the Washington Monument, waving signs such as "America Was Never Great" as well as rainbow flags and similar symbols.

Of course, the very concept of mass, semi-violent rallies to attempt to "dump", as one sign put it, the results of a democratic election is quite disturbing. In fact, it bears substantial historical parallels to the early days of the Nazi regimes, when Hitler Youth would disrupt non-Nazi rallies, engage in street violence, and stage massive parades through German streets to intimidate opponents and spread Nazi ideology. If anyone in the campaign is "literally Hitler", it is the anti-Trump rioters. 

But the real issue is how many local teachers and school administrators handled the situation. Unconfirmed social media reports from several students who attended the protest suggest that school staff not only turned a blind eye to the clear case of truancy at the very least, but actively encouraged the demonstration. One teacher even canceling a test to make it easier for students to attend. 

"She told us to go, and excused people from taking her test!" 

"I literally packed my stuff in class and my teacher ain't say a thing!"

"Tech teachers and admin gave us the right away to protest."

"Reynolds really excused my friends from the test for this walkout"

These students attended High Point High School in Prince George's County, Maryland. (By the way, this county school system also apparently offers "After School Satan Clubs" in elementary school!) 

At that school, students walked out of class, and onto Powder Mill Road, where they blocked traffic. According to WUSA9, it took 30 minutes for police to remove all of the thugs from the road. 

The teacher being referred to in the reports above, regarding the cancellation of the test, is Kathy Reynolds. A search of the faculty at High Point revealed only one teacher with the last name Reynolds. According to High Point's website, Reynolds teaches English in room 322. Her email address is

Please, as always, share this article on social media, and contact High Point High School and tell them that this activity is NOT acceptable. Their telephone number is 301-572-6400.


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