To Truly 'Drain the Swamp', President Trump Must Slay a Sacred Cow

In a certain country, there is a massive secret police force. The Constitution does not apply to it. It can ruin individuals' lives and destroy families on a whim, based on little or no evidence, and without a fair and impartial trial. It makes a profit for every family it rips apart. The reason it supposedly exists is to protect children and provide services to families, but the children it takes are far more likely to be abused under their care than with their families.

The country is the United States. The secret police force is Child Protective Services. 

When anyone criticizes Child Protective Services or exposes their unconstitutional, corrupt activities, CPS' blind defenders accuse them of supporting or condoning child abuse. But in fact, children would suffer less abuse without CPS at all. While there are horrific cases of child abuse at the hands of parents, on average, a child who is in a CPS foster home is 7-8 times more likely to be abused and 6 times more likely to die than a child in the care of their family. Nonetheless the media sensationalizes abuse by parents and covers up abuse by CPS agents and foster care facilities.

Many children taken by Child Protective Services end up being sold for profit into human trafficking rings. Many others end up being sexually abused. For example, Monika Wesolowski, a divorced mother, had her son wrongfully taken by CPS and placed into a homosexual household. Wesolowski wrote the following to the Common Sense Show:

I read your article in the RBN about how HHS is taking away children through means of CPS. This happened to me in December of 2013, the night before my son turned five years old. He is on the spectrum of Autism with PDD, sensory processing, and behavioral disorders. He is in special education. Our lives were turned upside in a matter of hours. I had no idea prior that this would happen. They came in SWAT gear to my home, with CPS arriving over an hour later. The ordeal lasted from 8:30pm to past 11pm. I did not let them in my home, and in this way they classified me as a danger. They claimed I choked my son 2 days prior and therefore he was in imminent danger of life and that they were taking him away. I never hurt my son. It was the first sign of a skin condition, eczema patches, that my son started having. He had one small round one on the back of his neck. This is what they used against me. They did not take him to a doctor but ruled on hearsay. Once in temporary custody of my neighbors, we immediately took my son to the pediatrician, who claimed there was no injury and no bruising. She stated my son had a skin condition and provided medication. CPS was very angry that we took him to the doctor. They used the doctor’s report against me saying I coerced the doctor and that I was trying to use the medication as a cover. I was never arrested or criminally charges, rather my son was taken based off hearsay and Civil Court Order, an Emergency Removal. Once in court, the judge refused to incorporate any medical records. By this time my son was in a foster home of two gay men. I am Roman Catholic and have been very opposed to the foster home. By the time this went to court, there were two medical records as my son was taken to the pediatrician while in foster care and given medication for a second eczema (dermatitis) rash. He has had a few of these rashes since the ordeal started. 
His dermatitis rashes are on his back and shoulder and have been there for at least several weeks, are getting worse. My son is skinnier and has lost weight since in the foster. He last yelled repeatedly that he wants to cut his hands off over and over and over prior to the bath….
Wesolowski, who is Polish, also had her ethnicity listed as "Hispanic." Why? Maybe it was because CPS is paid a $6,000 federal bounty for each child, and if a child is a "minority", or "special needs", the bounty increases.

Another case showing how corrupt and heartless Child Protective Services is that of Cindy Skon, and her husband Peter, of Tampa, FL.

In July, 2015, Hillsborough County deputies and CPS agents removed the family's three children over an allegation that the house did not have electricity. While the issue was repaired three days later, CPS agents refused to return the children and instead sent them to a foster home. During a supervised visit on October 9, 2015, Mrs. Skon's 7-year-old daughter Abby told her that she had been inappropriately touched at her foster home. (Sexual abuse is exponentially more common in government facilities than private homes.)

As soon as she heard this, Mrs. Skon did what any mother would do if they learned that their child was being sexually abused - call 911. Police arrived at the supervised visitation center and allegedly "grabbed and choked" her as well as harassed Mrs. Skon's 17-year-old son. She was arrested that day for "interfering with state custody" and "resisting an officer, without violence." While she was able to get out of jail, her husband was not so lucky. Peter Skon was arrested on the same day for the same charges, and was put in jail for several months.

To this day, CPS has not returned the Skon family's children, and are in fact attempting to terminate their parental rights. CPS has not provided any reasoning for their actions aside from the temporary electricity issue and a false claim that the house was "unlivable." However, that CPS lie was demolished when Mrs. Skon posted three images of her "unlivable" home on Twitter:

These are just two examples of how CPS arbitrarily destroys families. There are many more, but we thought that more could be accomplished by focusing on two families' stories of CPS corruption.

CPS has been given absolute power in order to protect children, but they harm more children than they save. As British historian Lord Acton once wrote, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." 

What can we do about it?

President-Elect Donald J. Trump was elected on an anti-establishment platform, and heavily used the slogan, "Drain The Swamp." Trump was reportedly "dismayed" when Chris Christie appointed lobbyists and insiders to his transition team, and demoted Christie, replacing him with Mike Pence, who removed all lobbyists from the team.

While I understand that the Trump administration has other priorities which they may believe to be more important, there should be no higher priority than protecting American families from out-of-control government. That's why ResistanceMedia is calling for the Trump administration to make the following reforms to end corruption in the "child protection" system. (We would prefer to abolish CPS entirely, however the current public opinion, brought about by the dishonest media, makes that impossible.) Some of these reforms can be accomplished by executive or administrative action, while others require an act of Congress. Please contact your representatives and urge them to support these policies.

1. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate corruption in the CPS system. This prosecutor should have the power to subpoena documents and witnesses and bring court cases against corrupt "child protection" agents or agencies.

2. Remove all immunity for CPS agents who behave unethically or illegally.

3. Repeal Hillary Clinton's Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, which created financial incentives for CPS to remove children and adopt them out. You can read more about ASFA here.

4. Make it a federal crime to falsely accuse anyone of child abuse to a state agency.

5. Allow those falsely accused of child abuse or neglect by a state agency or private citizen to recover punitive damages of at least $100,000 per false charge, in addition to any other compensatory damages are ordered by the court.

6. Require a warrant based on probable cause in order to remove children or enter a home unless the agents actually witness abuse in progress (the 4th Amendment requires a warrant for governmental searches or seizures.)

7. Require CPS caseworkers to wear dash and body cameras which are recording at all times.

8. Reform “medical neglect” laws to define “medical neglect” as neglect of life-saving medical care only -- not refusal to give children dangerous psychotropic drugs or other “psychological treatment.”

9. Pass laws which affirmatively declare that parental refusal to medicate children with psychiatric drugs cannot be construed as abuse or neglect in any circumstances -- and affirmatively prohibit CPS from investigating or contacting a family based on a complaint related to failure to medicate a child with psychotropic drugs.

10. Reform the “anonymous reporting” system. The 6th Amendment to the Constitution provides that criminal defendants must be allowed to confront the witnesses against them. Require reporters to provide their name and phone number to CPS -- and require CPS to reveal the name and phone number of reporters to the parents within 14 business days -- unless they can prove to a court of law that the name should not be revealed. Make it a criminal offense for educational, medical, or legal professionals to lie about their name or phone number to CPS.

11. Require anyone who reports abuse and/or neglect to CPS either over the phone or in person to swear under penalty of perjury that their accusations are true.

12. Require all medical facilities, including mental health facilities, to provide all medical records to parents within 7 business days.

13. Prohibit CPS agents from interviewing children without parental consent, and require a search warrant to examine or search children.

Please share this article on social media and feel free to reproduce it freely as long as attribution is given to ResistanceMedia. Also, make sure to educate your children properly as to how to deal with Child Protective Services social workers. For more information on dealing with CPS agents, please see  these  links.


  1. Abolishing CPS entirely is the best plan, the only plan that will meet the objective of ending abuse by that agencys employees and a very achievable goal......just believe

  2. Abolishing them can happen. If a child is abused, that is a criminal matter and should be handled as such. Neglect is a broad term, and should not be used. If the situation is grandiose and the abuse is provable, allow the criminal system to prosecute, and reform the foster care system. CP's is not law enforcement and should not have the ability to interfere with families in the privacy of their homes.

  3. Abolishing them can happen. If a child is abused, that is a criminal matter and should be handled as such. Neglect is a broad term, and should not be used. If the situation is grandiose and the abuse is provable, allow the criminal system to prosecute, and reform the foster care system. CP's is not law enforcement and should not have the ability to interfere with families in the privacy of their homes.


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