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Local Politician Calls For School Board To Name FCPS a "Sanctuary Institution," Cites Fake News To Attack Trump

A far-left politician today published an article in the Falls Church News-Press calling for the Fairfax school board to name FCPS a "sanctuary institution" for illegal aliens.

Kaye Kory, a Democrat who was a member of the school board from 1999 to 2009, repeated unverified, speculative, and now-discredited statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), a liberal activist group. The claim that there has been a spike in hate crimes committed by Trump supporters was pushed by the fake news media for weeks after the election, almost exclusively based on a report by the $PLC. However, the $PLC report...

a) was based on online reports to the $PLC, meaning the reported "hate crimes" were not independently verified to have even happened with the local police department.

b) omitted over 2,000 "hate incidents" which victimized White people and Trump supporters, thus showing their clear bias against President-Elect Trump.

c) included distribution of "alt right" posters and literature in its count of "hate crimes", although such activity is clearly protected by the First Amendment.

d) claimed that simply stating "build the wall" was harassment and a "hate crime." According to the New York Post, over half of the $PLC's "hate crimes"  were "people mentioning 'build the wall.'"

Her op-ed (below), also falsely stated that President-Elect Trump has made frequent calls for "mass deportation." However, Trump has stated that his administration will focus on illegal aliens who have committed crimes, rather than immediately deporting all illegal immigrants.
The weeks since Election Day have been difficult and frustrating, to say the least. The outcome of the presidential election was a shock to many and a clarifying moment for all. 
Many folks are asking me: What should I do now? How can I show the strength of my values and prepare for the uncertainty of the coming Trump presidency?
These are tough questions to begin to answer. I have thought seriously and thought seriously again, about what my responsible replies would look like. Here are a few, all of which come with the caveat that now is not a time to be silent or still. Now is a time to act. 
We all know that hate crimes are on the rise across the country, and our community is no exception. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking this disturbing increase Now we must stand up for tolerance and respect for our neighbors. Many young immigrants are living in fear of hateful speech and accompanying dangerous behavior. They are threatened by the President-Elect’s frequent calls for “mass deportation” and his immigrant-demonizing rhetoric frequently heard during his campaign. J.E.B Stuart High School recently hung a banner proclaiming we are one at the school entrance as a bold statement of reassurance and solidarity.
 You can demonstrate your willingness to stand up for the vulnerable among us in many ways. I have chosen to request that the Fairfax County School Board name FCPS a sanctuary institution declaring that our school system is a safe place for learning and its classrooms are free of bullying and hostility toward any student, regardless of immigration status. My alma mater, the University of Miami, is one of many communities of learning now working to develop sanctuary policies supporting this declaration. I believe that FCPS should publicly stand as a strong and united sanctuary institution.
Kaye Kory must immediately rescind her false statements about President-Elect Trump and cease spreading fake news.


  1. So using FAKE stats and lies from the SPLC is the basis for good public policy... laughable


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