NAACP Plays Race Card Against Loudoun School Board Over Transgender Policy

On December 13, the Loudoun County School Board met to discuss whether or not to implement a transgender "non-discrimination" policy almost identical to the policy that Fairfax County passed last year.

A representative of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) spoke in favor of the transgender policy, shaming the school board and accusing them of being racists for not immediately ramming through the policy as was attempted in Fairfax County. 

“This board has a tremendously bad history of not taking care of anyone who don’t look like (them). And I hope at some point you get that through your heads that the rest of us are here, we’re not going anywhere and we expect you to protect us too.”

The race card is a common tactic for supporters of the LGBTQQAIP agenda - for example, several pro-Transgender speakers at the Prince William County school board meeting last September compared separate bathrooms for males and females to racial segregation. Others invoked everything from Rosa Parks to Japanese internment to promote their view of gender and sexuality.

"Racist" is now a slur itself. It no longer describes individuals who hold views that certain races are superior to others; instead, it is an insult hurled when the loser of an argument has nothing left to say.