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Ryan Sawyers Using 3rd-Grade Girl To Fundraise Against Recall Effort

Ryan Sawyers, the chairman of the Prince William County school board, is currently facing a burgeoning recall movement as a result of his activities ranging from secretly funding a recall petition against a fellow liberal Democrat to allegedly slandering the Principal of Patriot High School. Sawyers also called for out-of-state astroturfing to push his LGBT agenda in Prince William County, at a Northern Virginia Gay Pride event.

On December 1, Ryan Sawyers posted the following on his Twitter profile:

Sometimes it takes a 3rd grader to put it all in perspective that we are all "Perfectly Diffrent" 

The link included with the message leads to a liberal PAC which offers $25.00 t-shirts to raise funds for Ryan Sawyers' campaign. The next election for School Board in Prince William County is November 2019, so it is relatively obvious that he is trying to raise funds to stop from being kicked off of the school board for his unethical behavior. Sawyers even mentioned the recall petition on the fundraising page:

Prince William County is the second largest county in Virginia and we have the 35th largest school system in the country with approximately 89,000 students and 11,000 employees.  In November 2015 I was elected to represent all 450,000 residents of Prince William County as Chairman of the School Board.  I am the first progressive, Democrat elected to this county-wide seat.
Here in Prince William County Schools I have been working to update our non-discrimination policy to formally protect LGBT students and employees from discrimination when it comes to their education and their employment.  In September, the vote was delayed until June 2017.
My third grade daughter, Chelsea, often watches the school board meetings on TV and recently was inspired by a transgender woman's speech that we are all different.  In fact, we are all "Perfectly Diffrent".
Chelsea has turned her inspired drawing into a t-shirt.  Please consider ordering one for yourself and even a family member or friend and sharing this offer with others.
Because of my unwavering stance to protect LGBT students and employees a group of local Republicans are attempting to recall me from office.  I'll be fine.  But the money raised from the sale of these t-shirts will allow me to keep up the fight for our LGBT students and employees who are some of our most vulnerable to bullying, discrimination, and self-harm.  Chelsea will also help determine causes that are close to her heart that she wants to support and those that promote kindness and embrace our differences.
I couldn't agree with my daughter more.  We are all "Perfectly Diffrent", misspellings and all.  

Exactly how does the money that he is raising "allow him to keep up the fight?" 

ResistanceMedia is demanding the recall of Ryan Sawyers, not just for his promotion of transgender agenda in Prince William County, but for his pattern of misconduct, vindictive behavior, and hypocrisy that he has displayed at least since his term began last November. 


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