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SIGN THE PETITION: Loudoun County School System Considers Fairfax-Style Transgender Policy

The Loudoun County School Board is currently considering a transgender "non-discrimination" policy which is virtually identical to Fairfax County's policy passed last year. While the board did delay the hearing and vote on the policy until an undetermined date "sometime in January," the board is likely to enact it unless serious political pressure is placed on the board by concerned citizens. The good news in this case is that the Loudoun School Board is not nearly as ideological as the Fairfax School Board, and the political climate is far more favorable as well.

A petition created today on urges the Loudoun school board to reject the policy.

We, the concerned parents and citizens of Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia, unite in support of Loudoun County Public Schools’ (LCPS) current policies against discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Every student and LCPS employee should be treated with respect.
We stand in strong opposition to the creation of a new category for gender identify in Loudoun County Public Schools:
1. It is unlawful. A county school board has no authority to create identity categories inconsistent with state law; state law does not include gender identity.
2. It violates the right to physical privacy. Students and employees will be forced to forfeit their right to physical privacy in showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms. Our diverse student population includes cultural modesty requirements and religious mandates which forbid mixing anatomically different sexes together in sensitive areas.
3. It can be harmful to those it is intended to help. Gender dysphoria afflicts very few, and thankfully, 80-90% of children affected will grow out of it. To systematically affirm to a child that he or she was born in the wrong body can harm his or her ability to accept his or her body from birth.
4. It is deceptive. While promoted as a defense against bullying, it creates broad new rights, including but not limited to:
• For administrators to punish students for acting on their conscientious or religious beliefs that are not in conformity with the new policy.
• For administrators to punish students for exercising their right to free speech about biology and human sexuality.
• For administrators to place biological males on girl sports teams, creating an unfair competitive advantage, possibly affecting athletic scholarships, and subjecting girls to significant risk of severe injury.
• For administrators to force students and teachers to use certain pronouns or other demanding language against their free speech rights.
We, the undersigned, submit that there are compassionate ways to respond to people with gender dysphoria without forcing all students and teachers to participate in the promotion of a highly controversial, highly politicized cause.

Please sign the petition (available at this link) and share it on social media.  Also contact Loudoun school board members and tell them that this policy is unacceptable.

In the immortal words of Prince William School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers, "If you don't live in [Loudoun] county, [ResistanceMedia doesn't] care." Supporters of the LGBTQQAAIP agendas use out-of state astroturfing all of the time. Let's give them a taste of their own medicine.


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