West Potomac High School Stages "Diversity Week" Featuring "Latinx's"

Today, December 7, 2016, West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Occupied Virginia, staged Day 3 of its "Diversity Week." Diversity Week posters placed throughout the school this Monday urged students to wear specific colors to support "diversity." For example, yesterday's color was "Rainbow or tie-dye" which signaled support for the so-called "LGBTQ community."

Today's color was red, to support "Latinxs."

What is a "Latinx?"

It's a word coined by social justice warriors as "the gender-neutral alternative to Latino, Latina and even Latin@." It was created by "queer communities on the internet" in 2004, and was popularized by Jack Qu’emi GutiĆ©rrez, who describes himself as a "queer, non-binary femme writer" (whatever that means!)

Basically, this term is used to include not just homosexuals and transgenders, but a wide range of "identities" ranging from androsexual and Transfeminine to "masculine-of-center."

But it is a scientific fact that there are two genders - male and female. The same liberals who call global warming skeptics "science deniers" promote unscientific nonsense - the ridiculous idea of a "gender spectrum" themselves.

FCPS is not just promoting the radical left's view of gender. It is doing so while also ignoring an important moment in American history. According to Victor Fuentes, a student at West Potomac, an announcement was made by the administration over the PA system promoting the "Latinx Day" and the rest of the diversity week.

However, there was NO announcement commemorating the anniversary of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago. West Potomac High School apparently views promoting the "LGBTQAAI" agenda as more important than honoring America's World War II veterans.